10 ingredients for happiness


Today I want to share with You 10 ingredients to happiness, they may be mixed in any proportions and add something of their own, as long as you like the taste.

1. To do what you like

this is Probably the most important thing. To work I love to live with someone, have children and marry when you want, spend time with those with whom I want and how I want. Every day ask yourself: "What do I want?" and to realize your dreams and desires. Ice cream you can buy right now, but to conquer Everest may take years. The main thing – to follow your dreams.

2. Enjoy the little things

Yes, we all heard many times, but it really works and makes life better. Came in the morning from home and the sun is shining, after all, perfectly true? Stop for 30 seconds, smile, stick your face out the sun, breathe in the fresh air and here are your 30 seconds of happiness. Be alert to all the good moments, learn fokusirovki them their opinion.

3. Favorite thing, the business of life

When not working from bell to bell, not waiting for Friday and not thinking about the weekend, and enjoy every day. Because you are proud of, grow , samosovershenstvovaniya again and most importantly enjoy what you do.

4. Travel

When a person is in a new place, his senses are heightened, everything is perceived brighter and more intense, there is a renewal of consciousness. You can take a trip on the edge of the world, but you can just go out of the city where you've never been.

5. Friendship

Fun, easy communication will help you to relax and to feel needed. And it is very important to have the support of friends when life is not everything is going smoothly.

6. Love

Love is universal, your loved ones, friends, hometown, home and to the birch under the window. Love everything and everyone when you share this wonderful feeling, it only doubled.

7. Employment

Often we want to have more free time, but the human psyche is arranged so that the most happy he feels when busy. Of course, provided that these classes he likes. So if you spend most of your time watching TV series and feel a kind of lethargy and apathy, find it to his liking and you will immediately feel a surge of energy.

8. Adoption

In life there are things we don't like, but which we have no control over. And they need to accept, not to challenge, not to build internal dialogues with ourselves about not consent, and say to yourself that Yes, this fact has happened in my life and I accept it.

9. Give preference to emotions, not things

If you stand before a choice to buy do not really need, but nice or go to the event, which will fill you with bright, positive emotions, always choose the event.

10. Cognition

have you ever Noticed how happy children are when they learn something new? With age, to surprise us more and more difficult, but there are still so many interesting and not known. Try to constantly learn something new, and even better, learn new classes, it's never too late to learn to paint or play the piano.

And I would be glad if you share your secrets of happiness:)

All positive and good!

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