there is No person who never made a mistake. br>
There are errors, not entailing major effects. And there are those that threaten the entire relationship.
Woman is amazing. For all his sincere desire to build a perfect relationship, as soon as the honeymoon period, and begins everyday, they are able without noticing his behavior to let it derail.

What not to do, the relationship is not over too quickly, and was full of love and harmony?

1. To try to change the man

Every man is a personality with Mature character and inherent certain qualities and disadvantages. Perhaps these shortcomings were noticed and before the start of the relationship. But most women naively believe that we must and can change everything for the better. What to do, you should not either this is one of the main reasons for the breakup. the
Man can and should change for the better only wish. Otherwise it will be forced to redraw a well-established adult individual. What to do to the woman? To competently lead a man to ensure that he wanted to change himself and his life. the
In any case, is to accept the person such what it is, if you happened to love.

2. Too jealous

Jealousy is better than indifference. But as you know, in all good measure.
Men love the eyes. And Yes, sometimes they can look at passing women. But this does not mean that they intended treason.
Manifestation of excessive jealousy in the first place suggests that the woman is not confident. And the lack of trust relationships.
it is Impossible to exclude absolutely all women in the world of life men. He should and being in a relationship and to have the opportunity to have lunch with a colleague of the opposite sex. Or to congratulate on holidays a long time ago.
Ardent attempts using a scene change circle men no good can not lead.
There is a fear to lose everything there, and have an unhealthy desire to concentrate all the life of men on relationships. These are two completely different concepts. And you can not mix them.

3. Not to follow a

Sometimes it may seem that the main goal of some women is to find a man. And then everything. As soon as she reached, mission accomplished. You can relax and stop looking like your appearance and self-fulfillment. But almost every man will be glad to see day-to-day woman with a bundle on her head and no makeup. Even if loves. But he loved beauty in high heels and dress, quoting Shakespeare in the original, not the damsel in stretched out sweats and ripped t-shirt, which incessantly talks about some stuff. Delight men's eyes as often as possible. Especially when wandering around beautiful women, who pay more attention to his intellectual development.

4. Rush

that's really where there's no hurry, is in a relationship. No need to rush man, so he quickly decided, and decided that he needed from the novel in General and on women in particular. This obsessive attempt to speed things along can scare a man. And then about long-term relationships can only dream of.

5. To show their strength and independence.

no matter How strong or a woman, it is primarily the fairer sex. A man likes to feel that he respects the rear and support. And when a woman all his behavior and actions makes it clear that she herself may a great deal, he rightly begins to think that he nothing to do here. And hurry hurry to retire.
the Woman should give to your partner to protect her and to help. Even if it is in her opinion, can do much better.

6. A lot of whining and complaining.

Men do not like when a woman complains too much. Especially if it happens often for mere trifles. Perhaps the first time it will be like to be a permanent vest. But it quickly bored. Because man, it is important to have a strong (within reason) and self-sufficient woman who will not let the tears with or without him. In the end, if a man wanted someone to constantly feel sorry for, he'd fed stray kittens on the street, instead of have a relationship.

7. To regard his actions as due

to be Able to be grateful is a very important quality that must be present in the relationship, claiming the long-term. Every man hopes and expects that his actions will be appreciated. In the case that all his efforts will be perceived as something self-evident, he tired to impress a woman and try to please her. And then can hardly wait for a happy end.

8. To make it clear that the man did not need, and put the relationship on the last place

Perhaps, in order to fill the price or to show their independence, women do all kind of show that they don't need anybody. Including the man that tied the affair. In this situation a man will feel completely superfluous. And is unlikely to attempt to win a woman and be with her. After all, it is useless and real men don't attempt to make conversation.

9. To be too attached and to impose

the Reverse side, is directly proportional to the previous paragraph. However, women's gross error, which prevents the favorable development of relations.
When a woman all of your time and effort willing to spend just for the man, forgetting about his own life, he does not feel happy. He doesn't have enough personal space, which is necessary for all people without exception. The opportunity to do something individually and help you to appreciate even more the time that is held together.

10. Command

to work under the "Director-subordinate". And give the team absolutely does not need. Woman to order me around, deprived of femininity. A man hardly likes to follow orders where he doesn't need them.
you Can and should be principled and independent woman. But in all a nice happy medium. And to be happy, sometimes you have to give in and trust the man. Let him worry and surprise every day.

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