10 principles of revival power


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In today's article we will talk about how to release the inner power that allows you to achieve results where others retreat. br>
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Why do people stop? Why settle for less than they are able to achieve? Why retreat where it is necessary to push and get a result? br>
it's All about personal power that is within each of us. br>
It can be shown, and can is in sleep mode. br>
Today we will find out what allows us to achieve strong results, and how to awaken personal power. br>
1. Vision. br>
When we keep in mind the image of an ideal state of Affairs, our body and brain begins to readjust to, achieve this result. br>
the Reticular formation, a brain region responsible for attention, begins to filter the incoming information and find opportunities where you used them to focus not seen. br>
2. Supporting patterns of thinking. br>
Some people used to ridicule themselves. Negative internal dialogue is a source of constant trouble on level ground. br>
Developing a habit to praise yourself and accept the way you are - you will train support patterns of thinking that will give you more strength and resources to act. br>
3. Closed Gestalt. br>
Unfinished business and unlived emotions devour our personal power. If their becomes too much, then the person gets in life. br>
Write down a list of all their tails and start finalite them. Thus you will get kollosalny increase energy. br>
4. The body and physiology. br>
the State of our body determines our emotions and hence actions. Many people lose the ability to achieve results, leading a sedentary lifestyle. br>
exercising in the morning ignites inner fire, said Oprah Winfrey. And what is your morning ritual? br>
5. The best strategies. br>
the Process of learning how to solve problems and tasks that arise in front of us - endless. The best advice you can give to a person who has set a goal that he does not understand how to achieve - to find a person who has reached this and repeat the steps. br>
We have first-class skill to get the results we get in life. To make a strong change and awaken personal power - we must constantly and continuously improve your strategy to achieve results. br>
6. The neutralization of the negativity. br>
Negative experiences sometimes toxic. It poisons us from the inside, as we focusareas either on what I want to achieve, or on what brings us pain. br>
to get Rid of the baggage of negative emotions is difficult, but possible. About it, maybe talk in other articles. br>
7. Strong positive emotions. br>
We always act from the state in which they are located. If we are dull and passive, the results are disgusting. If we're awake and focused, results become much higher. br>
what you need to do to feel awake and focused? From which state you get the strongest results? br>
8. Clear values. br>
When a person has not shown its values, then it works 50% of its capacity. Value is the most important experience in your life. What you value in life above all? br>
When a person has manifested values and established principles that allow to achieve the value of experience, life begins to take on deeper meaning.
And what you should do to satisfy your deep values? br>
9. A powerful metaphor. br>
the Subconscious thinks it is illogical. It uses metaphors and archetypes, in order to create a description of the events, in which we act consciously. br>
the difference between the metaphor of “money is evil” and the metaphor “money - game”. the
Deep metaphors “mold” our individual reality. And how would you describe yourself and your life metaphor? br>
10. The positive reaction. br>
Our brain is constantly evaluating what is happening around. If we value any experience as a negative, this rating begins to limit us. As classic Stephen Covey - the perception of a problem is itself a problem. br>
Start to train yourself adequately positive reaction to what is happening and see how you go. The world adapts to our response and it is probable that this step will allow you to awaken personal power.

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Daniel Nazarkin
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