I often hear from clients:"How did not try, the weight doesn't go away," "All broken", "Tried everything to lose weight", "it's impossible for me not to eat!"

it Turns out the reason for their completeness and inability to lose weight was at least several of the 10 psychological reasons, that changing their weight is left by itself, they just do not need became to do weight loss, jamming and overeating.

1. Waste of time for the implementation of foreign zadacu work you don't see the pleasure and meaning, in addition to the need to earn money. But they are not enough to compensate for feelings of wasted time and fatigue. We have to seize the void.

2. Little time for a private udovolstvije so little time that you have forgotten how to truly relax and than fond of once. The only way to have fun and restore the emotions and forces to eat.

3. The need to live for drugadalat about the house, child, husband, parents etc all of this takes time and effort, and undoubtedly important in so much that you have forgotten what it means to live for yourself.

4. You relatively comfortable and you spravlyaetsya tasks that are actually facing you don't require you to be slimmer, you have reached a comfortable minimum, and have adapted well to the conditions. Desire best is a nice addition, but certainly not a necessity.

5. You have no real purpose for which you want pohudeti you may be an unattainable goal that supports your desire, but it was either too elusive or not so strong meta, to inspire You for real feat to accomplish that goal. Maybe it is generally not associated with weight loss.

6. You use your weight as an excuseIf you have something wrong you don't want to do something or just lazy, you do refer to at least mentally that is tough due to the weight. A secondary benefit.

7. Weight loss - as a way to maintain a relationshipYou will always have something to talk about with friends, colleagues, something to complain about or to share achievements, exchange of experience on the fight with obesity.

8. Your environment is advantageous that you consider yourself to TolstoySomeone may use it for the sake of feeling of own superiority and to put yourself in the position of guru, and someone to blame, to form a dependency to manipulate (anywhere you're not going anywhere, who do you need this)

9. Self-doubt or giperpoverkhnostiDesire/requirement that you are loved and appreciated for who you are, Your inner world, the mind and qualities of character. Slim-you fool love worthless love for the body.

10. Struggle with weight has become a way of life and occupies all your thoughtsYou rejoice in the success in weight loss and upset increase, you are looking for diet or exercise. Your life is already eternal struggle.

What will you do if you win and will lose weight? Do not lose Your life meaning and will not reveal whether more reasons for your dissatisfaction with life?

If you live your life, transform your ideas and dreams, you just don't know to lose weight! Happiness and the ability to get pleasure from life - nothing to do with the weight.

Be happy, be passionate and enjoy life!

Andriana S.
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