10 reasons why a man changes


Why a man cheats. Why, some men can't be faithful to one woman. What pushes them to cheating? There is a theory explaining this phenomenon, polygamous men, but she can't fully explain the problem. Everything is much more complicated.

In this article, you can read 10 key reasons why men cheat on their wives.

He is not satisfied sexually. The most common cause. If a man is not satisfied with sexual relationship with his wife, he may begin to look for sex on the side. The man attaches great importance to sex. If he is not satisfied with the quality of sex with your wife, you can begin to look for ways to meet their needs on the other. But do not blame the wife, that the husband is not satisfied with sexual relations. They say that's what it is., husband does not satisfy. For harmony in sexual relationships, both partners are responsible. But, some men, it is easier to solve the problem, satisfying their needs on the side.

Lamotrigine. Usually characteristic of a young, insecure guys who change sexual partners to assert themselves. But already Mature men, you can use this way to raise its importance." The more partners, the I'm better. The steeper the FIFA I failed, so I'm better." A way to increase self-esteem. Another notch, another win.

thrill. He likes to feel the acute sensation. For him, this quest. Difficult game. It is necessary not only to charm and to persuade the woman, but also make it so that no one guessed about the affair. The risk that all this could unfold, only adds to the emotions. A surge of adrenaline-that's what gets such men. Of course, the adrenaline rush you get jumping out of a parachute. But he likes to jump into someone else's bed.

in Spite of his wife. This can be called a little revenge. Of course, this is very childish. But offended or angry at his wife, the husband decides to do something that could hurt her.

Sometimes, a step back after he finds out that his wife cheated on him.

others. If surrounded by men is the norm to change a spouse, he may decide that he should try it. Special needs to cheat on his wife he does not feel. Just wants to be like everyone else. Or worse than others.

Boredom. Banal boredom. Was nothing to do, free time, and then turned up the case and he has not missed this opportunity. Just out of boredom. I wanted something sort. And here it happened.

Search of recognition. what a woman agrees to enter the relationship, flattered his vanity. He's good, he's great, wonderful women are prepared to spend the night. He expected praise and enthusiasm. It admitted. It's a balm to his soul.

I Wanted something new. Novelty brings excitement and new sensations. Curiosity pushes a man to try something new and forbidden. This is just a sample. But sometimes it can become a habit. The constant search for something (someone) new.

Looking for a replacement wife. He already knew that he would not live with his wife. He realized that he needed another woman. Need to break past relationships, because he is not satisfied. And now he's looking for a replacement. New love, which can build a new happy relationship.

Casanova. There is a special, but common, type of men. Male holiday. Who genuinely likes women. Male fireworks. He loves all women. And in each he sees something good. Tends to surround her with care and love. Gifts, flowers, champagne, compliment, passionate sex. He gets genuine pleasure, when it pleases her. He knows that it makes a woman happy. And he likes it. He's charming. He knows how to make a woman happy. But not for long. For the evening, week, month... And without a doubt it is very good. But to build a serious relationship with him makes no sense. Long married life, not just holidays. And he needs a holiday and love every day. He's not capable of fidelity. In the sense that we are investing. He is true love and all women. There are men that initially do not build a serious relationship

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