10 reasons why people seek counseling

Counseling – service paid, and usually quite expensive. Discuss this consultation, the person is not your joys and successes, and usually their problems, difficulties, unpleasant thoughts and feelings.

So why do people pay money for something to talk about unpleasant things?!

it Turns out that there are weighty reasons...

top 10 reasons people seek individual counseling:

1. Experienced unpleasant feelings.

There are various techniques that you can use for a few consultations to get rid of those heavy uncomfortable feelings that a person wore inside.

2. get rid of unpleasant thoughts.

it is Sometimes difficult to get over some earlier unpleasant situation, person or problem. As if these thoughts arise by themselves, and constantly scrolls in my head over and over again. The psychologist here can help to understand and stop the obsessive thought process of "self-blame" and "introspection".

3. Change ineffective behavior.

to Stop drinking, Smoking, gambling, "jam", conflict, hesitant to talk – all this and many other things can help individual counseling.

4. Get support.

each of us in life there are situations when it is important to get support, acceptance and understanding. It is not always possible to obtain support and acceptance by loved ones, or for some internal reasons, do not want to spend them in their difficulties and problems. The counselor can act as such a significant person.

5. the right choice or a big decision to make.

Sometimes a man in a long time rolls in his mind the different choices about some important life situations, and can not understand which option is most acceptable. Various psychological techniques can quickly and effectively determine which choice is right for You. And to find the resources to make this choice to make.

6. Resolve conflicts in a relationship.

Man is a social being. We all vitally need to enter into a relationship. However, to build effective relationships with other people, unfortunately, no one taught. It turns out the result is that conflicts are common companions of any relationship with others. To properly resolve conflicts or even to prevent such situations, it can also help a professional psychologist.

7. Take the other person's behavior.

Sometimes annoys the other person's behavior, we may think that he is stupid, knows nothing, behaves strange, too aggressive, too passive, etc. However, any manifestation of human behavior is always possible to find a perfectly reasonable explanation. In counseling You will be able to see and understand the true reasons for the behavior of another and, therefore, begin to build more constructive engagement.

8. Aware of its internal contradictions.

Sometimes it happens that we do not really understand themselves. For example, at the same time want to be with some man, and I don't want to be with him. Or test to the same person pleasant and unpleasant feelings. In short, a lot of things we may not understand in themselves. Psychological counseling is just designed to help to understand yourself. To ourselves we could live in peace and harmony.

9. Develop new abilities.

for Example, to learn how to speak confidently in front of an audience. Of course, you can go on courses of oratorical skill. And someone of them will be enough. But what if, say, the person immediately holds down the horror even at the thought of public speaking. And in this case there's clearly some internal block (ban) associated with the speaking. To identify and eliminate it can help a professional psychologist. As well as to develop various other abilities.

10. Get expert opinion.

In some cases people come for a consultation just to obtain a competent opinion of a specialist by their concerns. For example, the mother of a teenager comes on consultation to the psychologist to figure out how it is important to behave to make a relationship with a grown child were open and trusting. Or a man comes to the reception to find out what is happening with the behavior of his elderly parents, which he does not understand, however, wants to build a successful communication with your loved ones. And it is mostly those cases when the prevention of difficult or conflict situations.

Catherine Veremeenko
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