10 reasons why you over the age of 30 and not married. Tips for women looking for a husband


so maybe you're older than30and still not married. You're constantly thinking: “I am beautiful, intelligent, gentle woman. Why I can't find anyone?”.
Here are some possible reasons. Can you do something wrong and it is difficult to find a partner.

1. Remember who you were at 20 and what did you meet the guys? You met to have fun, walk and relax. Sit in a cafe, karaoke. Now you're Dating to find a man. Every meeting like an interview or you spend questioning the applicant. So the behavior you scare away potential husbands. Try and act like you again 20. Plan a fun date movie, theater, bowling. This will help to relax you and man. Communication will be less formal. And so you're more likely to find a suitable person.

2. You spend too much time at work, where there are no men. Women often work in areas where the team some women. Meeting your future husband — it's a game with numbers. To meet her husband's need to surround themselves with men. Just make sure, you communicate with a sufficient number of men.

3. You sit at home. Many women work all day and then go home at night. Tomorrow repeated the same. If you want to meet people, you need to be around people. Try to get out every day, even if you're tired. Go where there are men. Go to the gym, in cafes, concert, exhibition, football match. There is a principle of large numbers.  the more people around you, the more likely that you will meet the right man.

4.You always go with friends. If you are always surrounded by a crowd of friends, it is unlikely the man whom you liked will dare to approach you. With friends well, but sometimes get out on the boardwalk alone.

5.Stop listening to the advice of his friends singles. It is unlikely that their advice is correct, if they are still alone. Besides, women often like to share negative experiences and complain about their men. It reduces motivation. Best friends men. And get from them advice on how to meet the man. And act!

  • 6.You're too self-sufficient. Men are programmed to take care of his woman. If a man offers you help - I agree. Give him a chance.
  • 7.You don't look feminine. Men seeking women attractive. It does not need to be a model. The model looks rather scare the man. They are looking for a wife, the mistress of the house, the one who would give him children. Think about your image. You need to be well-groomed, charming, handsome and sweet.

8.Pay attention to the social network. Be like the wife. A man who looking for serious relationship looking for a woman who looks like a good wife. If you post on your social profile half-naked photos, then it to will be added to the serious men. Rather, you will not be besieged by lovers of easy relations.

  • 9.You are silent when meeting with men. Rather you just answer his questions. Sooner or later, the questions run out. Keep the conversation going. Smile. Be friendly
  • 10.You're afraid of. Men love confident women. Uncertainty is easy to read and off-putting. If you don't feel confident, then there is some reason. Maybe past failures pain bind you. Take care of yourself. The best option is to go to a psychologist. Or look for information on the Internet. Do exercises, work on self-esteem.
  •  Psychologist Solovyova Larisa

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