Stress depletes the body. Last time I talked about stress and why people susceptible to stress in varying degrees.

What you need to do in order to nowadays, when stress is all around us, to preserve their psychological and physical health?

1.Proper nutrition.

During times of stress stand out free radicals, which are damaging to the body. It is therefore necessary to follow the diet. Take vitamins, eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. Stress depletes the body and therefore need to replenish nutrients. Sleep can be disturbed, cracking lips, spots may appear on the body. It is therefore important to replenish the body with the necessary fuel. Eat in times of stress correctly.


Pleasant physical activity: dancing, yoga, running, walking, any exercise will enrich your body and brain with oxygen. Which in turn will help to cope with stress. In addition, these classes will allow you to shift focus and how to reboot your brain. Move

3.More, talk, meet with friends. In times of stress it is nice to have a shoulder friend. To know that someone will help you. So close people you have in your life. It helps to restore energy balance.

4.Accept the fact that stress is part of life.

the World is not permanent, the world is changing and we have to adapt to it. When the situation develops in an unexpected way, we feel stress. Accept it as a fact. If some life circumstances bring you to stress, then those circumstances need to change and move forward, to go beyond such situations. Sometimes such situations you cannot change, then you need to accept them. Stress is a part of life.

5.Be "flexible."

Try to look at every situation with fresh eyes. Find different solutions react differently, not the way you did it in the past. And it may happen that even very small choices will lead to significant changes.


Meditation has a positive effect on the prefrontal cortex of the brain responsible for emotions and consequently controls stress. During meditation reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Fixation on the breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Meditation is a great way to convince our mind and our body that we are not in danger.

7.Breathing exercises. Some breathing exercises will help relieve tension from stress. 10-15 minutes of proper abdominal breathing will help you.

8.Healthy restful sleep. The most simple and correct recommendation. Sleep 7-8 hours. In the dream occurs in the processing of the information that you got for the day. A dream come answers to complex questions. During sleep your body and your body restored.

9.Massage helps to relax. It is nice and helpful. During times of stress tenses up the whole body. A good massage will fix that.

10.Talk to the psychologist.

Often the cause of stress is our loved ones — children, parents, friends, colleagues. And so it is difficult to discuss the problem. Contact your therapist who will help you understand why you are so sensitive to such situations and working with him, you can learn how to manage stress

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