the article I wrote based on the stories of their women friends,

who lived in a happy marriage for more than 25 years.

Women who already have grandchildren, and their men still feel for him sexual interest, though they are not "shishnadtsat years."

These women know how to Park near itself the man how to get him

care,attention, gifts.

there is Little to attract into your life man, it is important to keep it.

And forced to hold is impossible. A man can stay with you only if he wants to stay with you.

Most interesting, these women, in conversation with me said:

don't even know why together, just live a normal life, nothing

do not. Everything is simple and ordinary.

Is "just" is the first secret women, which will not go away.

Live with a man just, don't make unnecessary emotional upheavals.

like "loves, he guessed", "you don't love me if love, then..."

"talk to me", "you're me."

the Second secret: the recognition of their mistakes.

"When I admit I was wrong, I avoid further

" "conflict" - said Irina, 23 years married, a son and two grandchildren.

"I always admit my mistakes if I was wrong. That makes me feel better,

because communication in the family continues, without dialogue I can't" shares

with me, Svetlana, 18 years married, two children.

the Desire to prove "I'm right" is a bit of a struggle in the family home.

And it is possible - these will become you, to you, and to translate them into reality will be you, and sit in counseling with a question, why my husband lies on the couch and not doing anything, too, will you.

Listen to the second secret and decide for yourself what you most want to be home and take my husband to his shoulders or sit on

the shoulders of the husband?

go to the third secret of the women I know who

happily married who have ten years.

the third secret: if men there is a need to tell it

will tell.

"When I see that something happened, I don't bother with questions.

Try, silently support him, cook something delicious,

leave alone", share your opinion Galina, 32

marriage, three children, one grandchild.

If your men happened problems at work, he prefers to keep silent, for one simple reason, he did not want to expose himself as a loser in front of you.

But we women are arranged differently, we believe, once had problems, it is best to talk about them and relieved.

For us to talk about the problems is to get relief for men to talk about the problems, it exposes itself weak. Times put two and

then you'll have to play the role of mommy.

Want a relationship with for adults man, stop bothering him about it.


you have the fifth secret from Veronica, age 31, married, has children and grandchildren.

Her secret is: "When the husband I was happy, I rejoiced out loud so he could hear my joy".

Show a man that you're happy. Give him the emotional charge for further victories.

But if you have resentment, so try to make it a conversation, not insults.

Blurts his feelings for the man, not accusing him. Talk to, not

shut up, do not copy wrongs in themselves.

Talk about their joy instantly, and with the offense after count to a hundred.

But the sixth secret of a happy married women.

"I want to gift a ring. Go, pick it, then bring back your

husband and tell him – here is the ring I want as a gift" - says

Natalia, 30 years of marriage, two children, one grandchild.

a Man loves certainty, he can't take a hint. Male

gets angry, not realizing what you want and also know what else

will be extreme, to blame for not giving you what you wanted.

Not all went smoothly in the life of my rasskazhet - they were complicated.

there are times in family life. In addition to the UPS was still falling. And in this

a moment they stood beside her husband, showing that together we can

to survive.

"When my husband started having problems with the business, the income sharply

declined, and the work is not diminished. People began to leave, the salary is not

paid. I helped him in every way, performed any work, until

cleaning of office and warehouse space. I replaced suddenly ill

sellers, was on the phone, phoning clients. Had to work

both day and night. And thus it was necessary to keep the house and children clean and

order", talks about the difficult period in his life, Catherine, 26 years old

married with two children.

If your man understand that you're reliable, will not betray that support in a difficult moment, he will be grateful and will try to return a hundredfold all that you have invested in a heavy period of his life.

It was the seventh secret why the man stays with the woman.

the Eighth secret, which told me the husband has the priority in all

situations. a Man wants to feel and know that he is for you most important in life. Let him feel it.

"When my husband comes home from work, I postpone all Affairs and do

only to them. Serverul on the table, asking how the day was spend with him

time. He says the minute he got home for him the pleasant.

tell me that you are rushing home to relive those feelings

quickly,", says Maria, 20 years married with two sons.

See how easy it is to feel the man that he's in charge

the house, in your life. To postpone your case not for long and thereby to hold

man. Because communication is one of the fastened thread in our

relations. It leads to trust, acceptance, intimacy.

Sex about it should not be forgotten. the bedroom Door should always be

open for you and your man.

If you have a headache, go to the doctor, if nothing helps, go see a psychologist, find out the reason for his "unwillingness" to have sex.

"Punish sex worse. Well, that is not hung the curtain. I

this should refuse pleasure?" asked Anastasia, 33

years married, two children, three grandchildren. Apparently in their family love it)

If you have problems involving sexual desire, decide this

the problem, if you want to live together with her man, well at least 33

year as Anastasia.

It was the ninth secret, who so generously share my happy


And the tenth secret - he unites all these women. They all have their

the space that own life is filled with events that are important to her.

They live their busy lives. They are all individual. They always

interesting to talk to, they have their opinion. They are able to comply with their

borders and not allow their husbands to abuse, humiliate, deprive


the author, a psychologist, Hope Pechenkina

Pechenkina Hope
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