They are attractive, charming and sexy. They're temperamental. With them interesting and unusual. And at least not boring.
But they have one serious drawback. They sociopathy. People who do not recognize social norms. Women without conscience.
Sociopathy-personality disorder is not congenital, but acquired. As a rule, the result of deep childhood trauma. Sociopaths can change. You need to pass not a few hours of psychotherapy. For one thing - they usually don't want to change. Because they are satisfied. Everything they do they do for themselves. They have no concept of conscience. Often completely lacking empathy, and the ability to empathize. But they are well versed in the people and are perfectly able to manipulate them and get what they need.

signs of a female sociopath:

1. She is not able to empathize. The problems of the other person, feelings for her does not mean anything.

2. She avoids emotional discomfort and seeking pleasure at any cost. Loves sex and sexual experimentation. The concept of "loyalty" to the word.

3. She has very few true, real friends. She loves to meet people. All of her friends and acquaintances in social networks. It is good one

4. It is false. A lie is a great tool to achieve its goals. Lies, without a shadow of guilt and remorse. All that it invents it in order to get what you want. For example, say man that she is pregnant by him to get married. In fact pregnancy may not be.

5. The lack of strong emotions. When she is faced with something heavy, depressing in real life or on TV, or she doesn't feel unpleasant emotions. This to her may even like it.

6. She ignores social norms, nor should they. It sets its own rules and forces others to follow them.

7. She blames others if things go her life not. Never takes responsibility for what's happening to her and what she's doing. Blame everyone but her.

8. She's spontaneous. Not predictable. May make risky behavior. And what will think about it, how it will affect other people and she does not care
9.She's smart. High intelligence allows her to find weaknesses and strengths of the person. And use it.
10.She likes to brag about its successes. With their victories. It is important to win at any cost. The means is not important.
Constantly says that it is something one deserves or doesn't deserve It makes people obey, it puts ultimatums, demands,causes trouble.

what kind of sociopathy interesting.

If she want it, they'll twist you into a whirlpool of passion, where you will lose your head. It will be easy to manipulate you.While it can from you to get something - she will be with you. If you cease to draw it, it you throw out of your life as a banana skin, no regrets.
out of these relations from relations with a female sociopath without trauma be impossible. Therefore, it is better not to start.

© Psychologist Solovyova Larisa Alexandrovna

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