do you think what is love? I think many will answer that it's about the attention, the attraction, the feeling of "butterflies in the stomach", a high level of emotional experiences, etc. That is all that is peculiar to the stage of love.

Accepting love for love, we are sadly disappointed when this phase ends before us in all its glory brought all the pros and cons of a man that seems as if it never happened. We begin to feel that we are this person and don't know — in front of us by someone else.

Some accept "suddenly" manifested the shortcomings of the partner and try to establish something in this relationship. The same majority, determine that the love has passed, be looking for a new partner. And so the circle from time to time.

not to get into a situation where the partner "suddenly" is not the person you met a few months ago, is still at the stage of first dates to show curiosity and a little to violate the personal boundaries of the alleged partner.

Here are10signals that you need to pay attention to.

1. The man tries not to talk about his past.

Your partner avoids answers to direct questions, or even to turn everything into a joke. He clearly has something to hide, and believe me, hardly what he is romantic, caring and family.

2. He never talks about his family and rarely sees the family.

Every family goes through stages of crisis, when relations are rearranged, and it requires the active participation of both partners. It is often necessary to overcome its resistance. If your prospective lover is not able to establish contact with those loved ones that he already has, then it will be ready in periods of crisis to be with you? It is an open question. Worth it to pay attention and at least ask why such a status quo.

3. He depends on relatives.

Another option is too close a relationship with relatives, a strong focus on them in conversations and boundless confidence in their opinion. At first glance it may seem that such a man would be a great family man and father. In fact it may be a sign of pending separation from parents. Relations with the parental family still needs to go into the background when building his own family.

4. He continues to communicate with the former.

While you are in this interaction could not participate. This is an option for those who love geometry — a triangle you provided. You will get a problem which "plus" will not solve — some are cons. Of course, if you unconsciously do not receive any benefit of being in such a relationship.

5. He enjoys female attention.

Your man is like other women, he likes, and he likes to pay attention to it. Of course, such a man would be good as a trophy. But are you sure that will be able to find a suitable collar and chain to hold him?

6. It too Intrusive cares for you.

He is very emotional and helpful, generously showing signs of love in the form of gifts, and in General the feeling that he thinks about you 24/7. Most likely, you met a man, prone to addictions. This is option for fans of roller coasters. The period of infinite affection and care will follow as emotionally strong negative period. Some people think that it should be in a relationship where there is love, — a driving and emotionally. But if we consider such a relationship "under the loupe", we find that the negative in them much more than positive.

7. He says nasty things about ex-girlfriends.

That they are to blame, he was only a victim. Such a man is not ready to assume their share of responsibility for the relationship and interaction in them. After some time, you will become the subject of accusations and criticism.

8. He's very confident.

Always knows what she wants, loves to control and specify, never vulnerable or scared. You met a "tyrant of the ordinary." At first to you it can be softer than the others, which can create the illusion that you influence it and it is ready for you to listen. Actually this is a story about a bird in a Golden cage, well, or in the dugout — here as lucky. Regardless of material status of the alleged partner the range of your potential for free will in such a relationship will be narrowed.

9. He has debts, money problems he is financially unstable or is experiencing "temporary difficulties".

most Likely, this male dependent and not taking responsibility for their lives. Rather, it is set to "psychological child" than an adult. And to raise this child you have.

10. It has dependencies.

It often happens in noisy companies, fond of alcohol or drugs, unable to enjoy or have sex in the normal state. Attempt to build relations with such a man — a straight road in a codependent relationship. A relationship where you're endlessly trying to rescue him, thus unconsciously doing all that nothing has changed.

All items, with the exception of the tenth (who, for obvious reasons, directly talking about, and there can be variants), are only signals, which is worth a look. For example, a man experiencing temporary financial difficulties may be in the process of opening their own business and become quite successful.

Here's the important context. Don't be afraid to break the boundaries of men with questions. Of course you'll feel uncomfortable, and your partner too, but it's the only way to understand in advance what to expect from the man, and at the same time check its "adequacy." If a man is adequate, it is, of course, some will marvel at your thoroughness, but to hide nothing will.

I Wish you to be only in a harmonious and healthy relationship and hope that this article will be useful to you!

the Article is written for publication "Psychology for effective living". Original:

sincerely, counselor Vladimir Kuts
Kuts Vladimir
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