so we figured out how to find your favorite work, determined money has worked fears - the time to implement the plan. But how to do it properly, how to remain enthusiastic? How to plan a path to getting a desirable job, to enlist the support of others, and find new activities? This article will describe the last three steps of the program and the answers to these questions.

step 8. Find a supportive environment

This is very important because changing job, we deviate from the old neighborhood. You need to enlist the support of people who at least do not consider your desire to change jobs, something unreasonable. I don't think you feel fat, wanting to quit, having a "normal" job. It is desirable that the assistance provided by close relatives and friends, but unfortunately, they are not always ready for it. To find the words to explain to them the importance of this issue for you personally, get their support, you can using the recommendations from this article .

But if among your loved ones not there were people ready to support you, don't waste your energy on trying to persuade them, accept their right to their own opinion. While you concentrate on finding support for moms like you who want to change the unloved work in the business.

Where to find his "support group"?

1. Good supportive environment can be a group training

In the training together towards the same goal – to find a favorite work, a lesson that will allow you to implement yourself, get a good income and be useful to people. This training will be held in October 2013, but already now you can reserve a place for yourself.

to Learn more about training for mothers with small children "Restart career: "don't know what I want" to his beloved work" .

2. "The combat girlfriend" for the training of

Excellent "combat" friends can become other moms, mastering your chosen profession, i.e. the same students "biting" the granite of science.

3. To help you both mentally and advice can those who have already become a professional in your chosen business.

for Example, if you decided to become a copywriter, find a mother, copywriter, which has already achieved success in this profession, find a pretext and tie off the communication. From successful colleagues, you will be able to find out what challenges they faced during the development of the profession, how to deal with them. You can ask their advice, recommendations, just listen to the stories of professional life.

Ask your friends, acquaintances, whether in their surroundings, those who are already engaged in your chosen profession. You may find these people online, because now many successful people maintain their blogs, have pages in social networks.

4. Find like-minded people is easy in groups in social networks.

This can be a group of professional interests, for example, there are many groups for psychologists, marketers, lawyers, etc. Or they can be group unites moms want to find work at maternity leave, freelance work or a career change.

for Example, our groups in social setyah





a Supportive environment is important at the early stages, can be created in the process of searching for your favorite work. But when you start moving to his dream job it is a must. The team move much easier and more fun. More clear what to do in different situations, you can always consult to ask for support, to complain, in the end, or share the joy (we girls need it so much:)).

step 9. Proper planning

so, we formulated the goal of "My favorite work" on the basis of their desires, and abilities that are in demand in the society, get rid of fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, increased self-confidence. Now I recommend to begin planning the steps to achieve this cherished goal.

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