How to choose a psychologist?

How do you choose a therapist?
of Course the problem is complex, but the hardest step you've already done.

You have decided that you need therapy you need a psychologist. Did you realize that the problems in which you are, decide you can't.
did You realize that you need help. And now you want to find a good specialist who will help and support you.

what you need to know when you choose a psychologist
1.Relationship. In the consultations with a psychologist you will have a lot to say. Sometimes you will feel vulnerable to your inner feelings and thoughts. Therefore, the person with whom you will work must evoke trust and confidence. Maybe you will have to meet with several psychologists to understand who suits you better. Trust your intuition for making this important decision.

2.The duration of therapy.
It may range from one session up to 60-minute weekly sessions. In psychoanalysis, the therapy can last for several years. Long-term work required when a problem concerns psychosomatic disorders, or deeply rooted in childhood. Be sure to discuss with the psychologist how many consultations will be needed to address your concerns, to be ready for it.

3.Goal. Be sure to discuss with your psychologist your expectations — what you expect in consultations, and you will get a detailed answer, perhaps it or not, and under what conditions.

4. The sex of the psychologist. Think about whether you care about the gender of the psychologist. Maybe for you it doesn't matter, and maybe you have some preferences, and you would be easier to discuss their problems with a psychologist of their gender.

5.Cost. How much you have to spend money to work with a psychologist? There are free psychologists, they usually work in clinics, the family support centers. But if you decide to use the services of a paid psychologist, be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a certain amount. Many psychologists there is a discount system for students, mothers on maternity leave and low-income people. Discuss this with a psychologist, when you decide to turn to him for services.

6.Form of consultation. Now there are not only consulted in the study. You can also consult via Skype, telephone, and correspondence. Think about what form of communication you prefer. Be sure to discuss this with your psychologist and he will say whether the answer to your problem by using alternative methods of communication.
Find out if there are any homeworks. Now there are certain therapies that involve the performance of additional tasks in between consultations. Are you ready to do these homework? It's the same important to discuss with a psychologist.

you May need a psychologist who spetsializiruyutsya on specific issues. Issues of sexuality,depression,panic attacks, psychosomatic illnesses. Think maybe you need a psychologist who specializiruetsya on your problem. In the questionnaire each of the psychologist identifies those areas in which he spetsializiruetsya.

9.Reviews. Be sure to read the reviews that were left by the customers. You can also choose a psychologist for advice. Maybe one of your relatives, friends, already know a good psychologist, and they will gladly share his contacts.

10.The publication of psychologist. If the psychologist writes the article, be sure to check them out. Reading his articles and notes you will be able to understand if in tune with his point of view with yours. It is helpful that the author offers?

of Course, the search specialist can take some time. I hope that these recommendations will help you.

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