10 tricky children's questions that will stump any adult

Find out what tricky questions are asked by kids in kindergarten and how we, the adults, they are the best to answer!

And told us about it our resident expert — Natalia Fesenko, founder of the St. Petersburg network bilingual gardens CDF.

Natalia Fesenko


as soon As the child starts talking, parents and caregivers immediately bombarded by a barrage of questions: "why?" "why?" "where?". For most of them we answer, without hesitation, but some may take us by surprise. Yes, of course, all of us studied biology at school and know what photosynthesis is. And yet, hearing the question "Why is the grass green?", we do not indulge in long explanations about chemical reactions. Agree, it requires a very different approach.

the Kid starts to understand the world, and it is impossible even to imagine how many thoughts and questions treats for young inquisitive mind every minute. Asking the child hopes to obtain a clear and friendly answer.

it just So happened that the most interesting and important questions, the answers cannot always be simple!

Let's try to prepare in advance and to answer tricky questions in a way that satisfied the children's curiosity. Here's a selection of the most interesting questions and answers that have been raised in our garden.

Asks Masha, 3.5 years: "Why two eyes, and mouth Odin?"


How to answer. Some human organs symmetrical, and some only in a single copy. Two eyes and two ears this living beings to see and hear from all sides.

To the one who is always ready, it is very difficult to sneak up on.

we have one Mouth in order that food does not get lost on the way to our stomach, which, in turn, also in one piece and perfectly copes with its function independently.

Asks Serge, 4 years: "What is Sabah?"


How to answer. in humans, the five senses: the eyes you see, ears hear, hands to touch, mouth taste, nose, feel supah.


Nature has given us so many opportunities to all living creatures as much as possible to experience its diversity and to ensure that they could communicate with each other or, on the contrary, to avoid something unpleasant or dangerous. Smell is tiny invisible particles of matter flying in the air that reach our nose. They warn us of the approach of this subject.

Asks Olga, 4 years: "Why do clouds not fall on zemlyu?"


How to answer. Well, first, very fall. After all the rain and snow — it is nothing like pouring on the land of clouds, isn't it? And secondly, the white clouds that we see in the sky does not fall, because they are lighter than air!

Around us is not the void: the air consists of tiny particles that are not noticeable to the eye.

We do not feel them, because I'm used to the fact that these particles are always around us. They support the light white clouds until the time until they become too heavy and will not fall to the ground rainfall.

Asks Tanya, age 5: "Why do people date?"


How to answer. This question and the most difficult and the easiest at the same time. However, when it asks a small child, the answer is obvious: children are not "why" and "what"!

From a very great love of parents, love it so much that they just had it to someone to give.

the Family is something to which all people aspire, and the child is an important part of it.

and, of course, it is worth mentioning that all people were once children, then grew up and became adults, got their kids to those, too, the children were born, and it continues the life on the planet.

Asks SIM, 3.5 years: "Why is the water Mokra?"


How to answer. each substance there are three States: solid, liquid and gaseous. Water is liquid, and therefore, the particles of which it is composed, are attached to each other are not very tight. When we touch the water, part of these particles remains in our hands, giving the impression that we were wet. This happens not only with water but also with any liquid.

Asks Misha, 5 years: "And adults all mono?"


How to answer. This question from a completely different region. You could say, philosophical. Yes, adults do allowed more than children, but not all.


In the life of every person who lives in society, there are many restrictions. Rules and prohibitions are essential in order to comfortably get along with other people. And let the adults can not go to bed on time, there are so many things to do to anyone, regardless of age.

Asks Dasha 4 year old: "What is Vremya?"


How to answer. Time is what helps people to measure a certain period of time. Minutes, hours and years are invented in order to make it easier to count, who how many years how long to cook the soup or when you need to come to the meeting not to be late.

Time you cannot see or touch, the time is not hovering around us, like the air particles.

But the movement time is very easy to follow along movement of the second hand on the clock.

Alena Asks, 3.5 years: "Why the plane is not waving krylyami?"


How to answer. Because it's a plane, not a bird. The bird flaps its wings to raise itself into the air, and the plane for this is the engines. The wings need the plane to stay in the air, so they'd better be straight and unbending.

Asks Timur, 4 years: "Why me space?"


How to answer. Who would argue, sleep is sometimes boring, and sleep is also boring. However, sleep is the most important part of our lives. All living beings on the planet necessarily spend a lot of time in sleep.

Even if it seems that you're not tired, the body might think otherwise.

In the dream, relax muscles, and the brain gets the opportunity to process all the information received during the day and too little rest. And during sleep the body grows with a vengeance.

Asked Sonya, 5 years: "Who invented slave?"


How to answer. Words is a way of communication between people. Words in our speech is an incredible array, and each of them represents something different. Word — a kind of signal that we give to another person. Cats use "meow", dogs "woof", but you have many reasons to communicate, so even a very long blips he began to create so that they differed from each other.

Many of the words we have inherited from our ancestors, but many we come up with now. For example, a few years ago, no one knew the words "Fixies", but once the new movie decided to call different word, and now we know its use.

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