all of Us from childhood have been taught that envy is bad, although it is irrepressible feeling in the beginning of our life made us to start to crawl, then to stand up, to run and play. It is then stimulated us to search for new toys, people. We grow up and face our own limitations, the apparent inequity often find the world is unfair. Jealousy is quite natural, but controversial. It can be destructive but also enjoyable at the same time. This found expression in the eloquent expression "the neighbor is dead chicken – a trifle, but nice, although I wish he was dead cow". But if we can separate the positive part of envy from the negative, you will be able to use it in a variety of ways, turning envy into a resource. For example:

Action # 1: effective motivation.

How to turn painful experiences into the ass-kicking? Our motivation may depend on several things: the method of goal setting and its achievement. Envy is very economical and fast as a method of target selection (about sustainability we are not talking). Saw, felt, experienced, and want – and all can take only seconds (compare with long-term planning, thinking, agonizing choice), extra-sensory method of goal setting. It vyssotina (navidena) worthy of the attention of others the purpose, allows you to stimulate yourself for aimed activity: the best apartment, car and so on. It remains only to avoid the danger of self-destruction and feelings of frustration (when there is a real or imaginary limit to achieve the goal). "Class!!! I want that too!"

Action # 2: information. Through envy can explore their connections with the outside world and an interest in yourself, the world, the interest in the brand in the world."Oooo, how many interesting and enjoyable in the world!!!"

Action # 3: the energy. This way, when through envy can pump up the energy and clearly recognizing their envy, it is with great pleasure to enjoy the people and things. And it is deterrence and we transform their lives in sexual arousal. "Wow, this excites me!!!"

Action # 4: protective. Interacting with his envy, we maintain the social fabric and develop relationships (family, work team, friendship, etc.). We openly declare that we like something from another person. It may well count on the fact that this person will feel pleased about the fact that he or his property causes our admiration. It improves relationships. 99% of people love the compliments, happy to hear our envy, turn red and feel the pleasure. We are going to cause them a respect and desire to communicate. "You're cool!! I truly envy you!!!"

Action # 5: management desires. Very often we can ourselves fantasize about something. We can even ask about what would happen if I had it, jealous of what? What would have to change in my life to get to this point? And then to see how this has happened to others. Similarly, if we need it and important? Am I willing to spend part of their life to achieve the same thing from my neighbor's?.. This action allows us to quickly divide all your needs on truth and untruth. "Cool, but I'm not ready to make such sacrifices.... and this ready, and a little patience and work..."

Action # 6: improve the quality of life. Recognizing our envy, we recognize the desire to compete and win. If we want to win, then we begin to take steps to shape their own activity, to use their will and strength. "Why wouldn't I do better?!?"

Action # 7: development of cooperation. Sophisticated technology and large projects require mutual support, and the era of castigation gone. And envy is a major obstacle to life in the team and a source of sincere human hatred. If you learn her to be treated well and to envy the happy, fun, an opportunity for implementation and cooperation in groups, choose advanced commands. "Yes you did better, but I'll do it!!"

Action # 8: overcoming internal conflicts. Using envy, we can overcome the internal resplendent associated with the ability to show our feelings, not to hoard guilt, shame and anger at loved ones. "You damn fu! I'm jealous. And you ... your cool ... just annoy me".

Action # 9: no need to experience negative emotions. When we perceive our surrounding world, we know that all our symptoms - it is very nice and good, but the success of others – just an excuse for our own, then we can actively use their potential. What is the meaning of annoyed, if you can perceive the achievements of others property as their own goals. The whole world once again becomes our full resources and positive to us personally relationship. Of course, you get all this without the use of some beliefs. For example: you cannot have it all now, and sometimes you need to wait.

Action # 10: use for personal growth. can We use our strengths that we understand and appreciate in other people. Jealous of the personal quality of the people, we begin to appreciate these people. We have the ability to review, recognize and admire. This means that we also have such parts. This way you can significantly expand your own description of your personality, projected to regain strength and quality and really grow.

CE this is a sufficient reason to engage in their envy! So jealous with pleasure and benefit!
Blednov Alex.

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