10 ways to end the relationship

  1. Cease to praise. Generally, absolutely no "hood" to her partner. Be careful not to services!
  2. Criticize. Insert "you", "you always", "forever you". It is not necessary to understand the specific situation. Immediately generalize and move on to the conversation in General about his badness.
  3. Often compare it with poor families. You're like your mother (father, grandmother, sister, etc.). Character always easy to find a connecting the boundaries of internal or just external.
  4. Locate the ideal on the side. Look closely, there are so many colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances. Often draw in my mind a parallel with the ideal not in favor of the elect.
  5. Deliver the ultimatum: "If you're not as perfect (developed, hardworking, tidy...), like me, I'm leaving you". After all, you always do everything right, and partner it is time or to catch up to your height, or...
  6. Teach every day: "You are selfish, think only about yourself!" You see, after months of these suggestions, he really believes that this program will work, bringing the longed-for end.
  7. don't give in. Decide for yourself what is your main opponent, which never can concede. Compete. Poke: "I'm good, you're on my background – ugh!"
  8. Live by the principle "I can do this alone!", "I can pozabotitsya about your happiness without the snotty". In the end, you need time for yourself. Spend more time alone, without partner. That is to say, one get used to a future of loneliness!
  9. All the time to measure who did more for the family, for children. Especially for life. Publicly poke partner in his small contribution. Setting forth in detail his arguments, all he nedodayut. Do not miss the small details.
  10. Gradually reduce the dialogues. Build a wall between you, so as not povadno to start a conversation. And yet what good, make up! And you don't want it.
Irina Vladimirovna
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