3 gold key Royal road to health


 human Life of our time has a high rate associated with significant informational and emotional overload. Experienced by contemporaries of the negative impact can lead to chronic distress, which creates prerequisites for the development of the disease, impairing quality of life. One of the most important methods of prevention of distress is considered the relaxation.

  Relaxation – a non-specific method of psychoprophylaxis and psychocorrection, which – to achieve muscular and emotional relaxation.

 Method is known since ancient times and is an integral part of Eastern healing systems and spiritual practices. Its most important distinctive features are simplicity, ease of use and efficiency, which makes relaxation really the Royal path to health.

  At the same time, some experts and customers do not always pay due attention to method, considering it is just entertainment, entertainment and chasing after newfangled abstruse techniques, drugs, and complex technical procedures recovery.

  How do we effectively use this method?

 the Secret is simple. In order for the relaxation to work effectively, it is necessary to use3of her Golden keys, the basic principles are identity, consistency and comprehensive approach.

 the Principle of individuality tells us that the selection of relaxation techniques, which are effective for this particular client, do not contradict the system of his beliefs and values, meet  the condition and invoke positive emotions and the desire to do.

 the principle of the constancy indicates that isolated exercises give only temporary improvement, and only systematic studies provide a reliable preventive effect.

 the Principle of comprehensiveness suggests that techniques and methods should be few, so that the client could build on the basis of their individual system relaxation time (hereinafter-HDI), and have the opportunity to engage in a variety of conditions in the presence of different amounts of time.

 Core relaxation technique is the provision of muscle relaxation, the integration of breathing and relaxation patterns, training of relaxation, using techniques of visualization.

 To solve this problem perfect a variety of systems autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, numerous breathing techniques.

 in addition to the formation of an individual system relaxation can be used:

- practice improving movement – Hiking, meditative running;

- water treatment – swimming pool;

- numerous types of massage;

- the use of aromatic oils and fragrant Soaps.

- listening to specially selected music, singing;

- the occupation of all types of creativity;

- relaxation with the use of colour, directional images;

meditative practices

- yoga, qigong, and other methods of recovery.


Using 4-5 individual techniques and methods in accordance with the 3 gold keys of their use leads the client to positive results, without requiring time-consuming, perfectly embedding the rhythm of modern urban life.

 Practice shows that individual working system, relaxation gives the following positive developments:

- improve the state of health;

- the stabilization of psychoemotional sphere;

- the appearance of good health, vitality, energy;

- restoring sleep quality, the emergence of appetite;

- improve the quality of life of the client in its various manifestations.

 In my practice, the formation of the individual system relaxation is one of the blocks in the majority of psycho-corrective programs for customers, in addition to the education building, IDA is carried out on the training stress perspective, which holds I've created a training center and counseling “Resource”.

 I Believe that JRI is also important for specialists of helping professions, being one of the reliable methods in the system of prevention of emotional burnout.  

 So each of us is able to use a method of relaxation in their lives, can afford to relax and make the inner journey on the Royal path to health.

 I Wish You in life - peace, happiness, health and prosperity!  


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