3 types of relations


important For me are 3 kinds of relationships:  

  • your Relationship with yourself  
  • Relationships with other  
  • with God, the Universe, the absolute, a Higher Intelligence (in this case, every man for himself selects with whom this contact) 

I don't give a leadership and the priority of some of the types of relationships. As their symbiosis allows you to improve and learn each level at the same time. I.e. insight in touch with yourself leads to an awareness of something new in touch with others and God.  

I believe that balance in all spheres of life depends on the quality of these three types of relations. However, not all so is simple, but not difficult.  

Must be the interest and desire to discover new facets. At that moment, when you think you have firmly feel the ground beneath your feet, a small step in right - left, and fail to a new level. As soon as you begin to understand something, to realize it, comes the feeling that this is it, I finally unlocked something inside, and then a new situation and other circumstances. Therefore, without personal interest, it does. 

is it Possible to establish a harmonious relationship with relatives, friends, loved ones, colleagues or passers-by, not having contact with him? – no. 

if we, not having contact with others, know what we want, why we react one way or another, why we hurt some words, why can't you answer “no” why can't enjoy life, to accept gifts just because, etc.? – no. 

We become closer to him in that moment, when you enter into a relationship with others. And we learn to be in contact with others only under condition of understanding what we want.  

I'm talking about a qualitative sense, when everybody wins. When we do not fall in the triangle victim-forward rescue, only because we hear inside the voice of a significant person, and based the relationship on the basis of your want, love, nice, can. 

All 3 types of relationship – to pay attention to your life. Best of all – to start with yourself. This is the surest way of knowing the own living space. I often ask my clients: “what do you want? What role in this situation play you? Where do you stand? Or “Why are you obscured?”. 

Until we figure out what inner motive forces us to do certain things, our relationships with others will be distorted. Why? – because there is no adequate perception. We hurt not the words of another, and our relationship to him. This attitude was shaped by childhood trauma, experiences of growing up, interactions with significant people for us.  

Not always easy to do the learning yourself. It is difficult to do by yourself, because quite frankly it's a pity that is called “to push yourself to the wall”. However, for us there is a choice, we either leave it as it is or change; or walking tracks, or looking for other ways. 


I am for honest dealing with yourself and harmonious relationship with the outside world!  

And you? What helps you to achieve harmony in all spheres of life?  


PS I did not focus on relationship with God, because I think this type of relationship quite intimate. Everyone chooses how it interacts (or interacts) on this level. 

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