!!How to behave parents to shorten the duration of the crisis 3 years?!!

the more the child will experience the independent actions and decisions, the more success and (unfortunately) mistakes he will make, the sooner the crisis will pass, the faster it will learn how to INTERACT with people.

the Child sooner or later take its toll (nature cannot be fooled). All that he did not get in due time, he will seek to fill at a later age. In your power in time to feel the needs of the child and not to stretch this process for years.

the Basic principles of conduct of the parent who wants to speed up the course of the crisis three years without trauma for the child.

  1. Turning to the child, formulate their requests not in the form of approval ("Go eat"), and in the form of a question ("are You going to eat?", "You will eat now or later?", "Are you going to eat rice porridge or buckwheat?" depending on the answer you expect to hear).
  2. Behave with the child as equals. Ask permission to take his toy, be sure to say "Thanks" if it helped you. So not only do you avoid the negativity and obstinacy on his part, but will give the baby a good example to follow.
  3. Direct the energy of a child in a peaceful way, i.e. offer the replacement of the undesirable actions (you can't do that, and so can you), use it to smooth the moments of crisis.
  4. Give in to your child in the "little things", as extend his rights, let him make mistakes, do not interfere in the Affairs of children, if he does not ask. But in regard to his health and safety and the health and safety of other people – be adamant – NO, without exception!
  5. If the child began to resist your offer out of a sense of negativity, just wait a few minutes. He needs a little time to make a decision.
  6. If a child, despite your best efforts, became hysterical. Calmly wait out her, and then explain how the "right" to behave and why. But do not expect that he will understand you as much as you would like, even if you think that you are all very detailed. Rather just have no time to come back to this conversation in other similar situations.

From the way you behave with your child during this crisis depends, whether it will maintain your activity, persistence in achieving goals, will continue to strive for independence. Or it will break and become submissive, obedient, weak-willed, a dependent person with low self-esteem.

Nurture the child observations, and by their example. That is, behave with the child as would that he acted with others, including with you.

Cultural-found and fixed form of overcoming the crisis the child's transition from early childhood to preschool is a role-playing game.

Game — a special form of joint life of the child and the adult, symbolic reproduction of the completeness of their events. In this form, the child is happy and independent and closely connected with the social world of adults (acting like adults). In this sense, the game is always socially oriented — it is a game for "Other" and "Other". However, in the game the child first "learning" to his "I" (know thyself), as he had "studied" your body (mastered physical actions). Here appears for the first time a specific form of consciousness "We — You", in which the child first distinguishes himself from the social environment.

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