Part 1.
Introduction. Offer to pokazyvat itself.

any questions, topics, challenges that emerge periodically. The analysis of these typical difficulties in movement to the purpose, changes and growth can someone help to understand what prevents to move on. I write for women. Although I'm sure the man will see for yourself important. I'll try to describe these typical cases in the form of the 4 Dragons, which contain our strength and our fears. Love and tame them. They will help to show you the Power of individuality.

But as lot of information is divided into a series of posts. Move it like on the trail. If the previous interesting part comes next.

I think not mistaken if I say that everyone who comes into contact with the idea of development, awareness and, ascribable all teeth personal growth, knows one feature. Under the influence of any of the events we're in can change and realize their vision of the world and of causal relationships and quickly learn to look deeper into the essence of things. Especially women. These beings it is enough to recall that they already knew this. And here you are so "intelligent", conscious. And despite the fact that on some issues we have "things are there" - we live more happily.
And it poluosoznannye condition that can tighten us wrong in our psychological defense to tighten more creative, with great pleasure and more so that we are very sure about your journey. But occasionally to be disappointed in something on the old scenario. This state can be described by 4 ideas. Through them sooner or later (and often periodically and regularly) is every woman in one form or another, if trying to understand her true identity.

  • "I know why I have all/that is, as through...", yet simply lack the time /looking for the method/can't change/that's just tomorrow together...
  • "I am and eat me porridge"
  • "not worth it, but as it turns"
  • "I don't need hemorrhoids/pain/suffering, I want to finally live in his pleasure "

the woman are so arranged psychophysiology that she linked 4 phenomenon. They always go together. Disclosed are equally well, and in one scenario. And these 4 things are her responsibility. And in need of profound awareness and development.

🦋the ability to see clearly causal relationships
🦋self-confidence, self-esteem
🦋creativity, creative potential
🦋enjoy life, orgasm

no matter you took over this responsibility consciously or not - she's already on you. Peace be with you it will only reflect. How do you like everything that happens in your life, so you took responsibility :br>

  • developing an understanding of why it is so in your life happens
  • for their self-esteem and confidence
  • for their creativity
  • for your enjoyment of life and sex. .

Why do some problems in fact do not change after the consultation, after the training, books or once lived relations and crises (although there's chance of a change anymore) ? Although like in the beginning of the participants, customers are waveffects. The first week, month, year, etc. even a fly as on the wings and see the world differently. And then you start to go to counseling about this same problem, but under a different sauce.
Because of changes must contain 4 parameters. And they should be recognized. And they should be taken responsibility. Differently anything will not work.

good news: no matter where a Woman moved the business from the "dead spots" - all other properties will be tightened.

to be Continued.....

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Olga Bogorodskaya
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