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"the Strong is not the one who can put on the shoulder with one glance,

and whoever one smile can raise from his knees!"

Juliette Binoche

Welcome, dear girl! The beautiful half of humanity. How amazing that you were born female! How many benefits and amenities it gives us! In every woman lives a goddess. However, sometimes it is "kimarite", sometimes it hibernates, and sometimes, due to various circumstances, not hidden somewhere.

In one of the following videos (about disclosure of femininity) I will tell you how to awaken and how to return if she managed to "fade".

And now we only remember, recreate its image, the image of Your inner Goddess, will come to a consensus as to what it represents.

the name of the video You heard the word "Archetype" is a type, a sample of the first principle.

I will present a classification of female archetypes according to Jung (adding their own interpretations).

Yung once introduced concepts such as Anima and animus, feminine and masculine. We talk about the feminine, of course! (Yet in every woman there are male, but this is not now. The male archetype is also 4)

each woman initially include all4aspect of the Anima, in different proportions.


Home life: the Hostess, a worker, a homemaker, wife, mother. Maintains cleanliness, a cosiness in the house, is responsible for ensuring that all were fed, looked neat, everyone was comfortable (more physically than psychologically). Her husband immediately evident: married. By the way, on the Eves of men are willing to marry to the soup and shirt ironed. Eva is a reliable "safe haven".

Man sooner or later get tired of the monotony Evino. He wants emotions of the holiday, but only one eve not in a position to give them. Then the man finds himself on the side of that which is in the state.


Sex: Temptress, a sensual afternoon, slutty night... Beautiful, passionate, erotic. An example from history – the same Helen which started the Trojan war. She man also shows that married, but in other ways: not looking at other women because satisfied in full, and in a variety of ways... (Lady in the street, a prostitute in bed...)

If eve – wife, Elena, rather, a mistress. And loyalty is not her strong point, she is a fickle, frivolous and flighty.

they Say that these girls are less likely to marry, but "they say, and you don't listen!" Because this assertion is true only for those cases when a girl anything, except for features inherent to Elena, can offer. (I still say in the conclusion) Then the man pulls back either to eve, or the next "level": to Mary.


Moral: spiritual, chaste, pure, respect the rules of decency, the ally of her husband, his faithful companion, faithful to the idea, willing to lend a shoulder, "Holy." Example – the Decembrists ' wives, wives of the first settlers in the occupied lands of the Indians, nuns.

Maria, in my opinion, least of all "smells" like sex. She is kind and decent, but it's hard to want.


Wisdom: psychologist and friend to my husband and children. Advisor, mentor, teacher, teacher. Intelligent, inventive, has a developed intuition and ability to understand, to "read" people, resolve conflicts, lady. Inspire your man, contributes to his career and personal growth.

an Example – I! =) And Sofia, and psychologist, and all the qualities are the same.

Knowing the "insider" information of this archetype can add from myself that Sofia is by nature very emotional, but is able to show incredible restraint and poise, especially when he sees the need. Reading people like an open book, from her attentive look (and eyes, and heart), nothing remains hidden, everything is visible. Pleasant, radiates a special energy.

IMHO: Sofia includes 3 of the previous type, because of its natural wisdom tells it:

- when it's time to eat,

- when to wear the erotic lingerie and doing a Striptease for a loved one

- when to listen and support

when you take the tool and together with her husband to go make a garden! Or to be assistant in the business.

in this sheet, the woman is perfect, she can count on happiness in his personal life, a strong prosperous family, the mutual love for life!

so now You know what each of these archetypes, and the effect on man or that person Anima.

I note that the name of the woman does not always coincides with its archetype, that is, there are frivolous Sofia, Tomboy Mary, on a wooden belt Elena and eve-idlers.

In different sources one and the same archetype called differently, I cite for convenience in the table (this included not all of the names, but You can if you want yourself to draw Parallels. I recommend reading online for a more detailed description of each archetype, it will allow You to better understand yourself and important others women).

a Shadow is a dark side which people usually afraid, trying not to show it, hiding it, including from myself.

But things shouldn't be hidden and should work! Because from the Shadows frightening ourselves quality can still impact our lives! But after Shadow with a psychologist, You will live as the best version of myself.

Write in the comments what is the archetype in You developed than the other three, and what I would like to develop?

I Hope this article has helped You identify your strengths and weaknesses and with this information easier in time to do something to fix and align the relationship with the beloved man!

P. S. did you Notice the vase in the background? I brought it in, hire in the gift shop especially for this movie, because: 1) it is in the ancient Greek style, 2) it is something that symbolizes! You know what? Write in comments ;)

this article uses the knowledge gained from C. V. Kovalev (R)

Sophie Lemus
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