4 levels of love


There are at least 4 levels of love, each person has a different motivation in terms of love. I propose to deal with each to determine at what level you are at and see prospects of its development. br>
1st level – a Selfish love,

People on the first level I want to love. They have a strong lack of love for ourselves and they're trying to get that love from others by all available means. Such people like to draw attention to themselves, they know how to manipulate others to get the same love. It occurs in all spheres of life: in relationships, at work, with friends, etc. These people are vampires who only want to work, but not ready to give. br>
2nd level – Trade love

People on the second level, as well as on the ground – I want to love to fill his emptiness. They need it. But the method of obtaining this love they have is very different. These people love and show attention to others, only in order to obtain mutual love. It's kind of a trade. br>
When they do not receive a response, greatly offended. They believe that in order to receive love you must first give yourself. And like all anything, but the motivation still comes from the need to love. And when a need is not met, then there is an extreme disappointment. br>
3rd level – Sincere love.

People on the third level different from the other two because they are showing love to give the other pleasure, not in order to obtain a response of love. They love themselves and are able to give love to others. They have a harmonious relationship, because they don't require love in return. If the first and second levels people feel that they are being manipulated to love, from the man at the same time, they feel the sincerity and show a response of love, because it's nice to reciprocate. br>
4th level – the State of love

At this level is less than 1 percent of the population. This is the level of Buddha, Christ, Krishna. They do not show love and are love and broadcast this status to others. Is typical for them to live in a state of love. Their love is not tied to anyone. It is comprehensive and applies to all others. With such people immediately feel the peace and reverence. br>
Write in the comments what level you are.

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Nikita Ilyin
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