hi friends.
Dr. Russ Harris, in his groundbreaking book, which is based on the therapy of responsibility and decision, "Trap happiness" leads 4 of the myth of happiness. ✅Миф1.Happiness is the natural state for humans.
it is considered, however, the statistics of mental illness says otherwise. In addition, there are loneliness, work stress, illness, bullying, prejudice, low self esteem, lack of meaning, crisis of the age.
Permanent happiness from the point of view of physiology, the phenomenon is impossible.
However, many are convinced that happy everyone except me. This creates an even greater feeling of unhappiness.
✅ MYTH 2.
If you are unhappy, that means you have a flaw.
In our society it is believed that psychological suffering ABNORMALLY:it is a sign of weakness.
In fact, it is NORMAL that our thoughts can sometimes be painful.
to make life better, we need to get rid of negative emotions. But it is unnatural!
All SIGNIFICANT that is in our lives brings both joy and pain. For example, in marriage there is also the well-being, but also and disappointments happen.
the Main thing - to learn to deal with uncomfortable feelings.
✅MYTH 4.
you Need to be able to control your thoughts and feelings.
It comes down to the idea: "Think good thoughts and be happy." Many pseudo-psychologists or people who belong to a guru or just silly advise us to replace negative thoughts with positive singing affirmations or visualizing.
If only everything in life was so easy! But a handful of positive affirmations is nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of years of evolution of the brain.
the Replacement of negative thoughts with positive does NOT WORK in the long term.

Even if you practice a positive thinking, it will not save you from negative thoughts. They will slip in the head whether we want it or not.

These 4 myths about happiness actively replicated in our society and supported by the media and glossy. But unfortunately, like all myths do not solve the problem, and exacerbate. For the sake of experiment, try to introduce chocolate morojenoe. And now within 30 seconds do not think about it. That's hard not to think about ice cream.

Friends, why do you think positive thinking is enough for a while?

Koltsova Olga
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