Two major minus wages lies in the fact that it's fixed (which means you can't earn above its "ceiling"), and often inadequate.

  • this condition is extremely difficult to get through all day at work and giving her all the power, you come home late in the evening so tired that there is no possibility to earn additionally you won't have any.
  • Precisely because so many people don't like your job — get out of this vicious circle is impossible, is just to be patient and wait for Friday (like the ability to rest a little and go about their business).

In such a situation is to ask yourself a question: how can I earn more? And to make it easier to find the answer to this question will tell you about4questions which will be very useful for the growth of your income and financial well-being.

the Majority of our citizens thinks dark categories — "we can't afford it", "we have no money" "we are zero":

  • Agree that with this attitude to life it is unlikely that things can change for the better.
  • But it is necessary to ask the right question, all at once will fall into place!
So ask yourself — "What can I do to earn more?"

the Difference is obvious: when we limply accept the role of victim, nobody's getting paid, but if you change the vector of his thinking, the mind immediately illuminate at least a dozen light bulbs — the "idea"!

  • Here have already come to mind are opportunities, not excuses.
  • when you reach for a pencil to write your first ideas, you will understand that it is not the pencil took into their own hands, and lives his own life.

To make it easier for you to start thinking in "money" direction, I'll give you a hint in the form of 4 questions:

1) What I need to do in order to find additional income?

It may be the work not on a speciality, some evening part time job:

  • the fact that you can make yourself, will encourage you to actively search for interesting options.
  • As one millionaire "to wash Floors not ashamed, ashamed of being broke, having arms, legs and a head on their shoulders".

2) What amount can I to set aside each month?

Why is it important to make savings? Because we never know what will bring us a new day.

And this is not necessarily negative events. Maybe in six months you will see in the store kitchen set of your dreams, and realize "This is it! It is designed specifically for our kitchen". But... you will not have money to buy it.

3) What percentage will I receive in the Bank when you put your money? What investments are available to me now?

there will have to surf the Internet to search for desired information and to perform their financial capabilities.

Small tip: in order to begin investing, you do not need a large amount of money. Invest your money, you can start with a modest banknote of 1 thousand rubles.

4) Where can I make regular purchases at the best price?

Promonitoriv the sites and shops offering desired products, you will be able to choose the ratio of price-quality which will be most suitable for you.

This will help you more effectively spend your money and thus you will have savings and opportunities for investment.


  1. Many things (not things) can only be bought for money.
  2. There is a good saying: "I used to love summer and now I love money. Because if I have money, summer I can take anytime."
  3. do not Work 8 hours a day, and head — this will give you the opportunity to start to earn more, invest and live in prosperity.


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Stuart McPhee
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