4 steps to freedom


a Sense of freedom akin to flying. You fly all the way open in front of you.You think where to go and are responsible for where and how to rest. You can choose with whom you fly, and someone chooses you.

it gives the feeling of life, but need to be very careful not to lose vigilance. Because the world lives by its own laws. It is both dangerous and safe, full of resources, but also takes strength, he is infinite, but has an end for man.

Freedom is the ability to choose in the frame of the real world.

Everyone initially free, but not everyone feels free. Man he pushes himself to the limitations of, consisting of beliefs, evaluative thinking, fears about the goals and priorities imposed stereotypes and so on.

1. The first step on the road to freedom - understanding the law of causality.

"as you sow, so shall you reap", says the proverb, which says that the action creates a response.

Each person in the confined nature of the space is the Creator of your reality. Make action - get result. Thought - forms our actions. And our thoughts shape our feelings.

to Change your life it: thoughts, feelings or actions, because in General all of the above is - action.

Madness is doing the same steps hoping for a different result.

2. The second step is to take responsibility for their choices within their picture of reality.

the One who will think about what "other" to blame for his troubles will always live someone else's life, to work for the purposes of another, be a slave to other people's expectations from life.

taking responsibility is to take your life from others. It is the courage to take responsibility for their feelings, actions, desires, poverty or wealth, of an error or a successful election.

Responsibility is the honest answer to the questions:

- why am I doing this?

- what can be the consequences of my choice?

what I feel and why?

Change the frame of thinking

"I'm so-and-so (poor, fat, without a relationship, etc.), because he/they..."

the frame

"I am, because I..."

Most interestingly, good results and victory of people relatively easily appropriates, but failure and defeat.

But freedom starts to live where people understand that failure is as a result of his activities as a success. From mistakes we learn and become stronger, smarter, better. But you can choose to be disappointed, to brand yourself a fool, be a loser and the sufferer.

3. The third step - the Courage to be yourself

Inside each have their own unique world, filled with desires, aspirations, ambitions. Vulnerable hopes, unique tastes. It is a quiet voice whispering to us about how and where exactly we will be well in this world.

the roar of the rushing stream of society on television, moralistic parents, neighbors, colleagues and so stunning. This noise prevents to hear yourself, to understand where to go.

However in the silence we begin to hear his own inner voice.

That's where you need the courage to be yourself, to acknowledge yourself and your desires, to declare itself the world, to defend their attitude. It's scary, it's new, but the only way we can begin to live, to be happy.

Freedom is necessary in order that man could choose to be happy.

4. And the fourth step is to Eliminate incorrect evaluation of thinking and compare yourself to other people.

Evaluation and comparison helps to move forward, to improve, to grow... but only when people assess their own achievements, compare yourself with yourself yesterday.

Comparing yourself with other feeds low or inflated self-esteem, does not allow to think properly.

the Rating... then again, what Russian well, the German death! Evaluation - this is a personal perception of something human. Defending their rating it's easy to create conflict, to lose friends, jobs and so on. Evaluating other cease to see the person, hang tags and stamps.

Freedom - understanding the uniqueness of each, including himself. The recognition of everyone's right to be and go their own way based on their values.

Ilchenko Olga
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