the human Mind generates every day a multitude of thoughts, from the moment you woke up until the moment you fall asleep, your mind is constantly thinking. Knowing all your secrets, fears, desires and much more about you, the mind can come up with significant limitations, to generate images of fears that can happen, can deceive you and your expectations. Asked you a question: how often is your mind lying to you? How did your mind know that you have something fail or do something? How many useless thoughts in your mind giving you? How much negative thoughts flooded your reality?
the Mind is an important part of life, but your mind is not you, so the best thing you can do is learn to control your mind. Remember the saying: the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. And you don't have to believe all the thoughts that come to you. You can choose what thoughts to keep and which to let go or transform. The mind is essentially still to think negatively or positively, it is important where you focus. Masli and negative feelings gain power when you react to them, adding emphasis and emotion that comes to thoughts.
For the effective training of the mind to offer you 4 small appliances, independent from each other, with the help of which you can change your thinking.
1. Stop the thoughts.
In a time when there is a negative or unwanted thought, just make it stop. Stop it on the floor the word floor phrase and start thinking about what really is important and true for you.
2. To Label.
keep Track of negative thought, hang on it a label "Is just a negative thought, it's not me". The objective of this technique is to track and note negative thoughts and to go further, thereby depriving her of energy and power over you.
3. An exaggeration.
the Problem came a negative thought to promote to the status of absurd, the more absurd, the more effective the technique. When you increase the idea, turning it into the absurd, it loses its meaning.
4. The opposite.
any negative thought, find a positive contrast, thereby you change the focus from the negative to the positive. And our mind is designed so that we can think only one thought at a time. Therefore, a conscious substitution of negative thoughts leads to the development of positive thinking.
Try all 4 techniques, as practice shows different people like to use different ones, someone chooses just one technique, some use all 4, choosing the one that more fits the situation and mood.
Any questions on the implementation techniques? Ask them in the comments or send a private message.
And remember, by changing yourself, you change reality.
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Kseniya Plotnikova
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