Most women are in relationships that don't meet their hopes and expectations

1. The woman loves, and he "seems to be" no

the Relations which man holds logic and reason and the love of a woman. In such relationship, a woman gives herself. She is ready to make every effort to change and to meet the requirements of men, for his attention, and hopes that he'll love her. It will chase the feeling, then it kind of "not like", does not meet the expectations of its men, itself will begin to break itself and to adapt to it. At some point, instead of love, a man may begin to use it. Every woman is worthy of love!
to be alone with his unrequited love, release and let go of a man who does not love you, but is willing to be there. at this moment, she was free from her love, a man can see a woman in new ways, and to really love her.

2. "It was the best option," the time went by

Relationship with a man, as a way to follow the plan or requirements and expectations, his or important people (e.g., get married, have a child). The woman in such a relationship it is important to deal with their desires and plans, and share them with the expectations and pressure of others. To stop and get out of the "race", perhaps in the moment of life we want more. The danger of such a relationship is that after all the points - they cease to be needed. And begin to emerge innermost desires. To love, be implemented for men as a woman. Whether it will be with the man when the time will be all miss?

3. a Man loves a woman - no

the Woman agreed to the relationship, unloved but loving man that takes responsibility for his feelings, in fact, for what should not respond. It can be for it to be good, friendly, motherly, but to be his loving woman can not. Let no man needs to suffer, or to seek her again meetings and seek is his right, and still only the first stage in the test solution, which he himself chose unrequited love. He can do it sooner or later. is it Worth it to deprive him of the opportunity to "grow up"/ become stronger? But the main danger in such a relationship - the woman deprived itself of the opportunity to meet and fall in love with the man of her life. When a man can take responsibility for your feelings and accept with dignity a refusal of the woman, will rise up to it, he will be much cuter and braver.and the relationship will take another turn.

4."The relationship was over, but it is a pity forces and time"

Both or one of the pair realizes that doesn't want in a relationship, but do not have the strength and confidence to tear. Start thinking about "wasted time" and effort. Ie from a relationship waiting for some development, but it is not happening. We need to radically change something, to understand and negotiate the expectations and requirements to each other. Or decided on a break. It is important to remember that a new relationship may not need as much time to go through all the stages of lapping, etc. (all of which has been spent time in these), as well as remaining, you can spend even more time and effort and not reaching the desired.

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