4 way of dealing with the unpredictability of the world 

each of us has our own ways to deal with the unpredictability of the world,because it is difficult to stand the randomness of the events and often powerless in the world. 

Method 1. To control everything! Constantly check the ones to be aware of their Affairs, a situation at work/school/ on the street. Know friends and acquaintances by name, and to collect all information about their family and social situation. Way for me to sign, like to control, but was not effective. Although the illusion is, and clinging to her in every way.

Method 2. To always have a fallback. To me it is great help to maintain the illusion about the possibility of predictability of the world. A big drawback of this method is that when you have backups, then you "not there" and "not here". And as if there is always the possibility to escape from one option to another, not bothering to look deeper. In relationships I call this method"alternate".

Method 3. Now for me the most important " way to happen". For example, the plane will be late, I worried, and now I think: "Buy a new ticket, you will lose money, but it's not up to me, I'm not about to go through it now". And again, this is my way to make chaos of the world. After all, if there is a way, then the world becomes clear and "type" predictable.

Method 4. To feel neurotic guilt, it perfectly protects from the recognition of Hausa and recognition of helplessness in the world. An example from the work: "If I am in the moment better have tried, my  parents were able to save the relationship and be together. Or am I just a little did that he loved me" People  prefer to feel guilt, not impotence.

What other ways? Panic attacks, schizophrenia, loneliness, psychosomatic, anxiety, etc each of us has their own unique ways, I brought only a part of them. It will be interesting to hear your...

I think of my ways, and the world lives by its own laws. The world is unfair, chaotic, unpredictable, no one is obliged and should not, be lively and spontaneous. The world, the other is not given)

In the process of working with clients is a frequent theme of confession of helplessness, the illusion of omnipotence, about a desperate desire to make the world do as I please!

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