If you really want to get out of a disorienting, severe state of grief, we offer you 4 ways to start doing it

1. Be AWARE - that your heart is broken, even if it is not visible to others.

Keep in mind that there is no right way of grief.

Just because it's been 6 months/ 4 years/ 15 years, as many - all of this means nothing to your feelings of grief. It begins to take place when you learn to recognize their grief. In other words, when you honestly start to realize what has happened (or perhaps what never happened).

2. To ADMIT - to pity party need to admit that you need it .

What, in your opinion, gone from you, what have you lost? What difficulties have arisen in connection with loss ? The answers to these questions will help you to recognize that you need to grieve.

3. TOUCH - You need to come close to the loss, grief , sorrow, and other emotions and feelings that arise during this process .

You are in touch with their grief when make room for feelings who have lost your life. it May seem counterintuitive to go back to those feelings you so desperately want to get rid of, but it is simply impossible to go through grief, not touching them, not touching them fully, without feeling their complete .

You must raise , hold, feel the weight in your hands, in your heart and in your life. You should feel the entire loss. You either allow yourself to encounter the feelings or remain in a shell under a false sense of self-defense.

4. MOVE . The feeling of Heartbreak can last so long that you can even make friends with grief.

Grief becomes a predictable sense for you. The struggle with grief means riddance from this experience and move on to something less predictable and less familiar, KK that's scary.

However, if you really want to cope with grief, you must continue to move through the familiar parts of grief and go right into the epicenter of your grief. You have to get to the heart of this feeling. There (and only there) you will find a door to unpredictable parts of life that are patiently waiting for you on the other side of your pain.


Please remember what you are experiencing grief and you can live it as much as you want. will Release it only when you feel quite ready, and if you never feel ready, it's okay . If you feel that you are ready to go through it, enlist professional support . You don't have to do it alone.

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We all grieve at one time or another life. If something in this post caught your response, share it with others.

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