March has not yet ended, and pedestrians walk around the city or rush for splashing through puddles in rubber boots or wading cautiously on the icy Islands. Really good winter this year: came late, left early. And every day more and more asphalt under your feet. Finally the sun is warm and shines at the same time, delighting us increasingly alert of the summer.

spring is the time of awakening, new ideas, plans, love! The time for this wave to begin to realize all their dreams, which is also Wake up from hibernation. The days are getting longer and more and more opportunities to pursue their joy and benefit. Agree?

what are your dreams? A trip to the seaside, walks in light clothing or conquer new heights on the camping trip? Maybe you want to start a novel that might lead to something big and important?

Support you on every point!

That's just how many you see around the passers-by with wide smiles and energy, overflowing?

you Can refer to beriberi, plenty of holidays and a reluctance to go to the gym, because force is not enough. And every week that starts with global expectations that Monday the world will turn and "something magical" suddenly make it so that we will eat only healthy food and fitness opportunities are easy to bring to life your fantasies... But, this winter has been quite a lot of Mondays, and the miracle has not occurred.

What to do? There is a solution!

Many psychologists now say that all in our head. Specifically in thoughts. And indeed it is. First, in childhood we see the facts and the reactions of adults to copy their behavior, so it was easier to survive or get scared. But man is so constructed that seek to repeat the behavior that led to pleasant outcomes and to avoid that which was negative and unprofitable. Thus, adult person automatically reacts the same feelings and emotions as a child on every event that is perceived as similar to past experiences. Because after the obvious fact of reality in my head sweeps thought – positive or negative – about how in this situation it is necessary to respond. So fast that we don't even have time to recognize it. And that is why we learn with time to be afraid of new and unknown or to be overly trusting, not having a real reason. Hence, there are complexes, fears, depression and constant voltage. And even fun the solar rays is not so easy to awaken most of us to action to benefit ourselves.

in order to start a movement to liberate myself from the burden of past experience, I propose to perform within 20 days the following exercises:

New thoughts and new meanings. Take a piece of paper and divide it vertically by line on two parts. On the left write all the things that you terribly don't like to do. Not that it was very difficult, but once you take up a job immediately drove irritation or as if something inside cringes. And without this, business cannot make further progress. So, as soon as you write them in the left-hand column, opposite each such case in the right column write the new idea in a positive way, plus sense – would benefit. For example, "I hate to make phone calls". And in the right column, I give this business a positive sense: "I'm happy to make a call (action) and it gives me a lot of new customers (positive sense)". Then it is important to read every morning, right column and to act within 20 days. The greater role played by your emotional state. And that mentality will not believe that you are valuable and needed. And say, "Well, you tried! You're done! You all proved! Now you can leave... And go back to the old my course of action". But since you're doing it for themselves, and the meaning of the new can only give you. But without action are merely words on paper.

Acceptance. Very often, ideas about who we are does not correspond to the real facts. For example, beauty considers herself ugly. Athlete I am sure that others see him weak and sickly. And in the end, the mass of energy that can be directed to pleasant things, is spent on self-flagellation. In line with this, the self-esteem to recover to an adequate level is difficult, and it is scary and it makes me sad even more.

to accept and love herself for who we are, do the following exercise. Go to the mirror, feel that you breathe. Look at yourself and tell me no ratings:

my eyes

is my ears,

- this is my nose,

is my right hand is the left.

And so on, until you list all body parts absolutely non-judgmental. In fact, they have just have. Neither bad nor good, neither thick not thin. Yours.

Keep repeating this exercise every day, paying a couple of minutes. Until then, until you believe that it is true. Perceive yourself and, ultimately, yourself. As for the exterior, each of us is neither bad nor good. He is different. We are all different from each other and that's fine.

Postroynet to fly. the Most popular spring marathon is associated with weight gain and preparation for beach season. I purposely use the phrase "excess weight", because very often we gain weight, when you take the extra responsibility, or fulfilling what you don't want. The body is often smarter thoughts and react immediately to the causes of displeasure. What? By a layer of fat. And, thus, protected from discomfort. So as soon as you notice that you are not hungry, but push through the inside of third dozen of chocolates or biscuits, ask yourself: "what am I doing now? And what I don't like what I have to do for work/communication?" It can be very hard to ask yourself questions. To ease the understanding, can find a group of psychological assistance or work in individual therapy with a psychologist. Because of the reasons why people commit those actions that are uncomfortable, can be a lot. But as he learned to do so for many years, and correction of actions in the direction of a more adaptive and healthy can be a long.

Focus on the pleasure. Is a great coaching exercise will help you to enjoy even the most boring and routine cases. Imagine before you do anything have started to do, what parts of the process. Then think about what positive you bear this? For example: "When I give a lecture, I get pleasure from the fact that I can share the knowledge." Thus, the process of speaking can be stressful. But when you focus on benefit to the self – pleasure, then stress becomes the background and no longer afraid, because positive emotions to outweigh.

In the definition of focus will help you the first exercise "New thoughts and new meanings,". It can be excitement, fun, interest, etc. Choose your "focus" and think about it during work.

Try performing these exercises for 20 days. And then it will become a habit and the streets will become more smiling and energetic people who are happy day by day live life to the fullest and give positive emotions to others through your deeds and actions!

To learn more about my schedule groups and ask questions on coaching, please write/call. Will be happy to answer!
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