Story dedicated to the friendship of the girls .

- “a girl at sixteen believed in happiness which is not. Who is she, what's her name, you guess yourself” - were rushing from every window.

it was the 1991st year. In a small Siberian town, three young girlfriends just got done on my prom night. Having met the first adult life to light. It is this adult life inexorably stood in the doorway. The country shook in agony. The Soviet Union had just ceased to exist. Formed something more obscure to the Soviet people. And to them, seventeen year old girls, like everyone in that age dreamed of something more and all the fears of coups seems to be held by them. And, singing in unison Natasha Koroleva, they certainly were convinced that their share of each good measured in ounces of happiness. It was. But to obtain this happiness, however, as any living creature on this planet, you had to work very hard. But that's another story. And now back on the streets of the town in Siberia.

Their friendship was formed. So long ago that no one remembers. Three of them were either eight, or nine months old, when their mothers brought their babies to the nursery. There, among the pots and plastic toys, crawling under the table and collecting a pyramid of three Babes: brown-eyed , green-eyed and blonde, learned to interact and trust each other. Then, after these women graduated from kindergarten, they are almost the entire group fell into a single class. But there were a few children that were in this class not of this kindergarten. Among these children was she, black-haired, Oriental beauty. Ten years later, these girls and will make a great gang here, which is dream – something big and wonderful.

the Study was given to them quite easily.  Among the first was accepted into the pioneers. Stood the Siberian winter, February, and they proudly, coat wide open and ran. His whole appearance as if to say: “Look what we done!”

In the fifth grade Blondie will move with his family to another area. And gone are the days when they were tapping on the battery with green eyes. And finding out will go some of them now walking. Battery – it was the first walkie-talkie, or if you want the first mobile phone.

the Girls were fully developed. They sang in the school choir, participated in all school events and also led the school newspaper. But the most important thing in their Arsenal was the humor! They joked a lot and laughed. Laughed at me. But most of all they loved, what would now be called “trolling” someone.

For example, when in high school has canceled any lesson, their class is asked to quietly sit in the staff room. The sly? Of course! In Soviet teachers ' stood it! Phone! That now has everyone, even a child of five, then could only be in each  of the tenth or the twentieth family. Well? Once you own the phone, so be patient!

-Hello, Hello, you disturb the neighbors. Please tell me, and you have hot water? – started his humor is one of this Trinity.

-I don't know, let me see - responded on that end of the tube, yeah.

-Well, wash your feet and go to sleep. – and laughter quickly hung up.

- Hello, Hello. Please tell me, and you need a bath? – went on their second divorce.

No – were heard at the other end of the tube.

-Now come pick. – throwing the phone already whinnying the whole class.

Hello, this apartment Zaitsev? – it was time for the third.

"No," sounded all the same answer.

-why do the ears stick out of the tube? still laughing laying pipe asked a question.

a New day gave birth to a new girl's humor. One of the “shenanigans” was a kiosk with Newspapers and stamps. It was really fun to go in the evening and as it staggered very much upon this kiosk. Or much to knock him to the alarm and run away before anyone saw. It was very funny for the girls ' minds. ( Even at this age do not know how young minds to plan and calculate the consequences .And after only years everyone will understand and draw conclusions out of their children's pranks, but that's later)

 by the Way, when they formed their friendship, this kiosk has played an important role. And it is this friendship could not even be held. But in childhood there is a kind of as usual. Then somehow quickly forgiven and not holding evil. So our seven year old black-haired beauty mom sent for the test by giving her the iron rouble on this purchase. But coming from her house, she met the brown eyes and green eyes, Bouncing to clip. Their question “where are You going?" Oriental beauty said that her mother sent for test.

These two, who were friends for seven years, exchanged glances and realizing that in the hands of a third RUB, I realized that she not wants to go to the store. Convincing Eastern beauty that the dough is not as important as the brand in the next booth.  “Just come and see! After all, there came the most valuable brand. And if you acquire, you will become the owner of a priceless wealth” - he promised her a couple of girlfriends! Well, who doesn't want to become the owner of untold wealth? Of course friend helped to spend a ruble on the right needs. And happy went home. In the evening, already in bed, to each of the couples, someone knocked on the door. It was mother Oriental beauty. Who wanted their money back and did not want brand. And then the couple and couldn't understand what the point is? It was a lesson for all. But, as already mentioned earlier, did not affect their friendship but only strengthened.

But back in our 91st year. The nineties was a jolt not only for the country but also for our company.  the chloropid gout fly, southern grandma died and her family urgently preparing to move. And, athula graduation, June 22, tickets purchased. All! It was all over! In that moment, in his youth, it seems that little death. How? How to live it?

 the roar was the entire airport. They realized that they were parted forever. The plane took off from the runway and life start writing a new Chapter in each of the lives of the girls.

But our kiosk again played a major role in the life of this Trinity.

Arriving on the South, the green eyes started a new life. But inevitably heart ached from missing her friends. Then her mother comes up with for her to do what she can to return to Siberia. So to speak, and with friends to meet and business to be done. And now, three months later the plane with the green eyes landing on the native earth. How much happiness and joy! They are family, together again!

What to do then? To understand that still the same?

Night, street, kiosk.

" what?" As before? – do not remember who asked first. Knock and run away. Knocking, ringing the alarm. Run around the corner. There was a car, run some “uncle” in the form. Shout: “Take them. And in the car”

And now, before an innocent prank, and now the crime like. Girls in the car. All in disbelief and shock. What to do then? Thank you for years of just seventeen. Brought to the local police station. But questioned each separately as an adult. At midnight everybody became scared. Most were scared that now I'll go look for mom. And they still went to look.

But this story was happy end. All interviewed. Realizing that the girls are definitely not going to Rob a kiosk with stamps ( they are still in the seven years I lost interest in them after purchased them instead of the test), the police let them go. And fled our women quickly home. It was a lesson for the rest of your life!

green eyes, doing what mommy wanted  I flew back to the South.

I Must say that each girl's fate wrote complex where something tragic Chapter. They were lost for some years. Fate scattered them on the new country called Russia. They grew up in. They have their own adults children. But they still remember their young friend. Also all the humor – their best weapon. Only in the kiosk no more knocking and the children are not told!


kareglazka always been a very good and wise older sister. Which led the whole school in the example is not only the youngest, but his entire gang. She was on the honor roll and someone so unattainable! She, of course did not participate in all the Orgy, as, however, and Blondie. But they strengthened the friendship of the couple, when flew the green eyes. How would creating a four-petal clover.  But we all know that whoever finds a four-petal clover, he will be happy! So happiness is! And one of the components of happiness – a friendship! Friendship no matter what! Distance – is not a hindrance, especially in the era of Internet everything has become more available. I didn't have to knock on the battery to see when I see you.

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