Psychotherapy completely get rid of panic attacks, it may take some time, so my patients, I recommend techniques of the ambulance during the attack.

Here are some of them:

1). Try to learn to recognize the harbingers of an attack. Ask yourself the following questions:

- That I usually feel before an attack

- What thoughts visit me

- Remember, what physical sensations you are experiencing.

it is important to note this for myself and try to do the following exercises as soon as you notice these harbingers.

don't be fooled by the simplicity of the exercises. As is known, all ingenious is simple.

2). Take two sheets of paper and in the center place two fat points. Attach the sheets to the wall along the same line at a distance of two meters.

Sitting or standing at a distance of two meters from the walls, start to connect the eyes of these two points. Continue to do this for about five minutes.

Then take a breath exhale and continue another five minutes. Then again inhale exhale.

If breathing is difficult, you can instead of breath exhalation to look at any object in the room, and again to continue the movement with his eyes.

it is also possible to connect the eyes of the floor and ceiling.

If you are not at home point can be conditionally represented in any space and connected their eyes.

3). Try to count the teeth tongue back and forth. Count slowly, feeling each tooth.

4). Falling into a state of panic, as if you get into another reality of terror and chaos.

is There a good way to resist the tightening in a state of panic. Look around you and select any object. For example, a chair. And start to consider this subject very carefully. Check the eyes every side, every detail, roughness. Touch every detail of this subject. Do this exercise slowly, carefully, concentrating on every movement.

5). In space or within yourself, try to think of a figure 8. It can be anything: big or small, color or black-and-white, can be placed n horizontal or vertical. Select the "" eight. If the eight is in space, begin to trace its contours with your eyes, you can help finger. If the eight is inside of you, tracing the outline of the mind's eye. After some time try to fill the eight some pleasant color. Repeat this until the complete disappearance of panic.

Help yourself during an attack is complicated by the fact that panic paralyzes, confuses the mind. But you have to remember that you are stronger than the disease. Why you should never give up.

I wish you luck and a speedy recovery.

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