we Continue to consider the invisible barriers to self-realization.

They are hidden:

1. Your emotional state (peace and harmony in the soul)

2. Your skills or lack thereof to manage myself and my life (self and consciousness)

3. Your ability (or inability) to build a constructive relationship (relationships in General – in the first place, with loved ones because relationships with other people are the result of relationships with family)

4. In your health and total energy (health and energy)

5. Another barrier, which is a consequence of the previous is blurry VAGUE WORDING of their desires, requests, needs, goals, etc.

let me Remind you that the first 2 barrier, we have considered the HERE

Go ahead...

3. Relationships with loved ones.

If you are not at peace with himself (peace and harmony in the soul) and do not have the skills to control themselves and the events of his life (self-knowledge and self-awareness), then automatically your relationships with people leave much to be desired. And consequently, your life energy is spent on experiences and thoughts about OTHER people and about all sorts of unpleasant situations. Self-realization in such situations is extremely difficult.

Here is the key relationship, which I will discuss briefly. In the next articles we'll talk more about this.

So if:

you touchy people,

or are inclined to blame yourself or other people,

or overly demanding of themselves and/or others

often or experience uncertainty or aggression explicit or implicit in relation to themselves and/or others

that is, you, like a pendulum, puts it in the position of the victim in the position of a tyrant,

this means that you definitely need to work on and complete relationships with parents on an emotional level.

Because all of these reactions and feelings to other people in reality (even if you don't realize it) ARE PARENTS, not husbands/wives, children, friends, superiors, subordinates, colleagues, and so on. That is, triggered the projection of unconscious habitual reaction formed in childhood up to 5-7 years in relation to the parents, even if you were brought up without them. Still a way parents present in your mind.

of course, You can turn a blind eye, but your responses will remain with you and will be automatically otreagirovala on other people. And you will not be able to be open and sincere and will not be able to build trusting and respectful relationships, both with friends and with other people. Unexamined situation of incomplete emotional relationship with their parents (resentment, guilt, perfectionism, fear of making mistakes, fear of being rejected, criticized, ridiculed and so on) will slow down your attempt to realize themselves in interesting activities, to enjoy life and feel free and happy.

4. Health and energy.

If your health and energy insufficient, and strength for action, you will have enough. Everything here is pretty obvious: it is necessary to deal with the health of your body and boost your energy with physical activity, at least at the level of a short morning exercises and Hiking.


If you are unable to articulate their needs and desires, to define the scope of their interests in a particular field of activity in which you want to develop, it will not allow you to plan concrete actions to implement their ideas. And it is the actions that you can perform right now within one or two days, weeks, months. Because you will have to push a MOUNTAIN of some vast abstract ideas, to which you do not know how to approach it.

for Example, if you tell yourself that your goal in the field of self-realization:

to help and benefit the people,

to know themselves, their true desires and opportunities

to improve the quality of life

you can reprogram your mind and subconscious mind in a positive direction,

to find my purpose,

to become successful and free and so on

it is unclear what specific actions need to be made to get closer to the feeling of fulfillment. WHAT AREA of HUMAN ACTIVITY you plan to implement your usefulness to other people, improving the quality of life (what exactly are they – the utility and boost)? HOW much MORE TIME you will need in order to find my purpose?

the secret to say that our human purpose is to:

to care for their body, soul, and mind,

to be healthy physically and psychologically,


get pleasure from the process of its activities,

to be happy

and to share the fruits of their activities with other people.

All. Point. The rest is individual aptitudes and abilities within the individual, that is YOURS.

If you can't answer the questions: WHAT EXACTLY will you be doing, WHAT ACTIONS will undertake in the next 1-5 days (and do take them), to think or talk about your desire for self-actualization, you can even ooooooooochen long, but the self-realization you are unlikely in the next five years.

self-Realization is an expression of themselves, their abilities, their potential through work. Not through search, and some abstract attempts to know themselves.

And again I want to stress – this is important!

to Understand the scope of self-realization is possible in two stages:

the first phase through identification of all its inclinations with the study of exercises on the topic of what you like to do, or work with a coach, a mentor.

the second stage THROUGH ACTION, that is just start to do something what do you like to do – write articles, make websites, sell toys, to conduct trainings, organize events, whatever.

Just abstract thinking will not lead you to fulfillment.

And finally the most secret secret!

you need to Remove all 5 of the barriers simultaneously, but priority in development belongs to Relations with close people, namely liberation from emotional bindings to the parents.


automatically removed emotional stress presurned States (peace and harmony in the soul)

bringing you free resources for embedding skills for managing yourself (self-knowledge and self-awareness)

change for the better your relationship with people in the family and outside it so that it seems like it comes naturally

you naturally begin to pay attention to your health: often there is a natural giving up meat, coffee, alcohol, occurs by itself, the impulse to do exercises in the morning, more walking, roller-skating, bike – what you like,

and most importantly, you begin to CLEARLY ARTICULATE their desires and needs, discover their interests, barely managing to record the flow of ideas, and thereat, they quickly begin to realize in action.

and suddenly it turns out that you are already engaged in the activity that captures and captivates you completely.

And realize that she is self – realization in action!!!

And you know exactly what you want, how you will sell and rush to new horizons in hot!



In the new training will be block on clearing the runway to your self, in which you will get a system of elaboration presurned emotional bindings in the relationship with their parents (and only parents). This system will help you to remove the key issues in a short time.

And will not need to analyze all of your childhood experiences!

You will be able already at the beginning of the training to free themselves from the fetter of the state and throwing off the years of burden, begin to implement YOUR NEW SCRIPT a happy and free life!

Stay tuned!


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