50 tips for beginner Gestalt therapist. 5.


tip # 5 "the first rule of fight club"

As we know from the movie "Fight club" or directly from the eponymous book by Chuck Palahniuk, the first rule of the community says: "not to tell Anyone about fight club".

For professionals in the field of mental health, in my opinion, this rule is also quite applicable: "not to tell Anyone that you're a psychologist." It is clear that this is some hyperbole, and we are not talking about all people, but at least many.

Those of us who have been in a situation when accidentally or intentionally reported untrained people about his profession, then you can probably not read, since they on their own experience to feel the consequences of such a rash step.

But, sure, there are a number of aspiring professionals who have not encountered the described circumstances. Also assume that there is a certain number of those who will object:

– where did you get it! I often mention in conversation that I work as a psychologist, and never with such did not face(-ve)!

for those and For others to share the opportunity and how it illustrates the idea.

One of my senior colleague once told how early in his professional activities was his business and was in one compartment with three men. First men showed himself to be a gentlemen, gave her a comfortable place (and not something that was in her ticket), and spoke politely and intelligently. Until at some moment, speaking in common in the way of the theme: "where are you from?", "But where?" "And what do you do?" and so on, my friend never said he was going to study psychology (I mean, for a seminar, training or any regular module – I do not remember).

then for some time silence reigned, and then began what usually begins in such cases: "you must Have no husband?", "As is?", "Well, okay. But, probably, no children", "How eat?", "Well, okay. But you're hypnotized, right? Come on, hypnotize me!" "No, well, like. You're the expert!" And so on and so on and so forth.

to End this failed only in the forest, "Let's get this over with! I go to bed!"

the Author of these lines had experienced similar symptoms. Yes, I was already warned by senior colleagues, but unless someone is able to learn from the mistakes of others? So I was no exception. However, experimenting carefully. For example, when they saw that enough people already treat me kindly, or even with a completely unfamiliar and not particularly welcoming – but only one at a time, so you don't have to fend off attacks from all sides.

whatever it was, the reaction is almost always about the same: "hypnosis", "hypnotize me", "come on, try...", "well, you should see" and of course "Terpsichore!". Where the same without him.

Normally people think of psychologists as either charlatans who tries to get money; or how an evil hypnotist, which is something I want to impose on, to deceive, to cheat, or at least just to mock; either as a "walking x-ray", which I see through and trying to manipulate.

in Fairness, it should be noted that currently, the attitude towards psychologists and psychology in the society are softened, and in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and in General may have become loyal (the author does not live in any of these cities, so do not know how things are there with this topic), but to the full adequate decision, I think, is quite far.

But, as has been said just above, few people is able to learn from the mistakes of others: "How not to poke fingers in the socket? And suddenly it's only for everyone else? And suddenly I have to work – and nothing happens? We have to try!" Therefore, not exclude that this article only fueled interest and passion for experimentation. Well, this is peculiar to human nature.

But if you really decided to check the above, then, in my opinion, you should not start with the working-class suburbs, periphery and province. Also I would not advise to start with work colleagues (if you combine some niesiolowska activity psychological): you can be an outcast.

Yes, the "madness of the brave we sing a song", but still test it carefully.

Alexander Urazov
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