6 mistakes women after the first date


the Main mistake inexperienced women is confidence that a man thinks and behaves exactly the same as the woman, while male psychology the opposite way is different from women's.
6 mistakes women after the first date

Many women make these six mistakes, considering his behavior is perfectly natural. They really do not understand what is their mistake.

the First mistake of the women:to FILL up a MAN with a MESSAGE

The biggest and fatal mistake to write him an SMS or call, for any reason,.

to Wish him good morning, night, or ask how he was doing, and the phrase "when will I see you again" will kill the relationship outright.

Lovers of smartphones and instant messengers, these modern "whatsupwitu" boyfriend is literally flooded with messages that are full of smiles, kisses and hearts.

the Second mistake of the women: to lay down YOUR LIFE

the Mistake of thinking about it constantly, tell her friends and the world what a handsome Prince you have found, as he kissed you handle and pleasant said.

No need to boost the event and give it so much importance that it becomes the watershed of life: good-bye after a date.

First date in most cases, almost nothing he says and absolutely does not guarantee you anything, except sex.

Men the desire to seduce beforehand exhibit your best qualities, as well as you wear the best lingerie and dress, do not think that in store they left you for something better.

the Third mistake of the women: the DESIRE to BE COMFORTABLE

the Mistake of sitting dressed and ready for the next date and wait for the call, being ready to throw to him on first call.

the Desire to be comfortable playing against your relationship, thus you kill it the hunter instinct.

Better to occupy themselves with something useful - and such classes need to have before your first date.

error 4 women: BE a USEFUL MAN

Very common error women after a first date is a time to think and to figure out how to help him, to be useful.

for Example to find it useful acquaintances to solve any of his problems.

to Be a bug and create a plan on how to bake pies and bring with you on your next date.

the Fifth mistake of the women: IMMEDIATELY call to his HOME

it Is a mistake to invite him to my home a few days after the first date, to bring order and to acquaint them with their children and parents.

This right it needs more you have to earn, to win you.

He must think that you are the Princess in the castle behind the concrete walls and not a thoroughfare where any stranger welcome.

Sixth mistake of the women: to BELIEVE MAN

to Believe everything that is said about the man himself on a date, the same as to believe the seller who wants to sell you more goods for Christmas sales.

don't have to believe everything he said and promised you. Forget everything he told you.

Tune in to the actions and hard facts. Turn on Sherlock HOMS, Google it online for the facts you have, the phone number, name, photos.

My experience and the experience of my clients confirms that everything is done not in vain)) And better to do it immediately after meeting someone before the first date.

These6mistakes women after first date - is not a complete list.

do Not want to make these mistakes, but on the contrary would like to know how to lasso a man, given the characteristics of his psyche and behavior? Download and closely study report expert Olga Naumova about the peculiarities of the psychology of men and how it differs from women.

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Write in the comments. What other errors and mistakes of women after a first date you know?

Happiness and luck to you in development of relations!
Alexander Malarek
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