Protection against repeat violence

Violence is always terrible. But doubly awful when it's sexual violence towards the woman or girl.

This is an injury that can "blow up" the whole integrity of the inner world. But if such violence is completely against the child – for it is tantamount to destruction, disappearance, or destruction.

After this the subconscious mind is desperately trying to find a way to survive it.

Sometimes this method is in the ability of the body to change their weight through changes in eating behavior.

In such cases, a person may begin to rapidly gain weight.

To one side, as behind a stone wall to be fenced off from all the memories, feelings, sensations, and thoughts about the traumatic experience.

on the other hand to thereby reduce the likelihood of repeated violence to a minimum.

the Subconscious with its inherent associative nature can think like this: "you were attacked and raped, because you wanted because you were attractive and slender. If you're ugly, you are unlikely someone will want and, therefore, the terror of repeated future violence will be avoided".

how to make yourself ugly that nobody wants? One of the easiest ways to start to gain weight.

And as long as the basic situation of violence will not be integrated psyche, no dieting, fasting, exercise, or any other ways of losing weight will never help a person get rid of extra pounds.


instinctively, what's more, seems more weighty, strong, powerful, inspired respect or fear. Whether it be transport, buildings, animals or ...other people.

As a person can be more literally? Or to build muscle like a bodybuilder. Either to gain weight.

When we say "significant contribution", "a weighty argument", "to give something weight," we, of course, not mean pounds or grams. However use, however, the metaphor of weight.

One woman told me that after high school ended up in a large organisation as an assistant accountant. Then she was a young graduate, and all the other employees around her were women with extensive experience and advanced age. Its no one took seriously. And it was certainly a shame.

after a while thanks to his tenacity and knowledge, she became a chief accountant in the organization. But neither the staff nor the clients didn't take her seriously because of her age. It was for her very frustrating.

And here, says this woman, since then many years have passed. It still works for this company. But now, when someone comes into the office, where she sits with other colleagues immediately clear who's in charge accountant – it stands out with its impressive size against all others. Be with her, respect her and even fear.

to Defend the psychological borders, to cut the taunts of her older colleagues "helped" extra pounds. When she literally became a more important of his colleagues.

Protection of their own sexuality

to Gain weight for many women then become less attractive in the eyes of men. It would seem that it's good? Like anything.

However unconsciously, for some women it can be very unsettling and incomprehensible to manifest and Express their sexuality. This topic often involves a lot of taboos, a lot of irrational beliefs, and negative emotions (in particular shame).

for Example, if a woman's mom have been taught an aversion to intimacy and receiving from it pleasure, or unconsciously broadcast on the daughter of his own aversion to the men. And then on a conscious level a woman may be trying to lose weight, become slim, but on an unconscious level to gain weight to protect themselves from their own sexuality.

I Must say that in this case, and places fat deposits are usually quite characteristic, the thighs and the waist (that is, those places of the body usually emphasize femininity).

Method become visible

literally and figuratively.

In the truest sense, when the fat man starts to pay more attention because it stands out from the other (especially if it is about the big weight – more than 100, 150 kg).

And in a figurative sense – when a person gains a very large weight, become less mobile, usually gets by this time a bunch of different diseases and, consequently, starts to need more care of others, particularly family.

And if a man, for example, were unable for some reason to directly ask other people for help, about caring, about love, with a set of substantial weight he can achieve.

to verify this, you can see almost any edition of gears about people weighing over 200 kg. Almost always there you can see a very sympathetic and having relatives who are struggling to help their loved one.

"But does seek to help close – it's not natural?" - ask someone.

of Course, of course.

Not natural and not right to try to do it this way – gaining weight and not telling others about their true needs.

a Way to manipulate others

This method a bit in common with the previous one.

With the difference that in this case the person is not just "forcing" friends to take care of themselves, but therefore implements its sometimes very sophisticated desires.

for Example, a mother who has gained a lot of weight and became a little mobile, can unconsciously manipulate the children, forbidding them to go to discos, to visit, somewhere to go, and by and large, forbidding them to live their lives. And children can listen to it, because they see that the mother needs help.

Or a husband who was very stout, and now manipulates his wife, asking her to do something that previously he did not ask for it, to the detriment of her own needs and desires.

I Must say that this method can be used by kids, even a little. Only they do it 100% unconscious.

When, for example, in the family of constant conflicts and quarrels between parents, the child may unconsciously start to gain weight, to "force" parents to divert attention from their arguments to care about him. So, to start, and with each other to build a more constructive relationship (for child).

Way to stop feeling the body and emotions

Talking to one very well-known psychotherapist once at the reception came a very fat woman.

the Therapist asked her how is her life, what's her problem, but she replied very sparingly.

Then he began to ask her how she feels right now, what the woman said everything was fine.

After that, the therapist had moved up close to her, took one of the fat folds, a little shocked and said, looking straight into her eyes: "there's not a gram of extra fat – there's just some feelings".

Weight can be a powerful protection against the different in the first place, the unpleasant feelings. Relive the anger, rage, anger, fear, grief, guilt each one of us is not easy. But for some, it's just unbearable.

And because all emotions have the power and the body, one of the ways not to feel emotions is to stop feeling the body. And the greater the weight, the lower can be sensitive to the signals their body and to their emotions.

What to do about some of the psychological causes of weight gain are you?

first, immediately say to yourself that no traditional methods of weight loss will not help you.

Diets, hunger strikes, coding, dietary Supplements for weight loss, exercise and food combining diet will never be able to eliminate these same reasons for weight gain.

And secondly, to recognize that in order to change those reasons have a lot to do inner work.

Yes, it can be done with a trained psychologist or therapist. But to decide on the kind of work or not – I can only say you do.

How long will it take?

all different.

But just that it's not fast. Someone six months, one year, and someone and a few years of regular psychotherapy.

In the process of which man is gradually moving away from the obsessive desire to lose weight, change their body to fit some ideal. And begins to understand the true history of extra pounds from yourself. Begins to see that it was all not just. And discover that the change of the body means, first and foremost, a change of heart.

Leonov Sergey
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