6 qualities of a perfectionist


Perfectionism is a common phenomenon in our days.

Today I decided to share with You six factors definition of perfectionism :

1. Excessive concern about mistakes

2. High personal standards

3. Overly high expectations perceived by the perfectionist.

4. Excessively strong criticism from a perfectionist.

5. Preference order and organization (this aspect of the perfectionism obyasnyat why the counting and compilation of lists of Affairs so loved by many perfectionists)

6. to Doubt the quality of their actions

This item is for fit and healthy makeovers to doubt their actions and to achieve something due to the high personal standards and preferences to improve their actions (both associated with a positive desire to achieve) .

What happens if the remaining five points you have the pros?

it is not Surprising that excessive concern about your mistakes and focus on external criticism have been associated with a number of other words of the perfectionist,including the problem of procrastination.

You want it to be perfect, and you are afraid insurmountable task to present a shiny, polished, perfect perfect version to "fill in the blank". And often you hesitate with the action.

it is Important to note that this is not just happening with the purposes, related to work. This affects personal goals: you're not ready to talk with a partner about how to move on to something more in your relationship, because you don't know how to say it and how to choose the ideal time, you are having a party, because you don't have yet the suitable glasses, you don't eat healthy Breakfast because you were sleeping instead of training and this day has already started with perfect health etc.

This type of destructive perfectionism is often not should be realized incredibly gifted, creative and brilliant people in the world of voluntary rules of the game in which it is impossible to win.

But still, all is not lost. There is no need to dwell on your perfectionism . Perfectionism is a bright, amazing, the quality possessed by many of the most influential people contributing to society.

I don't like when people say to perfectionists such things as: "don't worry so much, just go with the flow ... you would be much happier if you just stopped to think about it ... why don't You just focus on what can go on as usual! The subtext of these messages: you would be much happier if you were another person, and you were someone else, you might want to change that.

No need to root the fundamental components of who you are to achieve balance and happiness in life.

Instead of trying to eradicate this quality from yourself (and the eradication always fails and subsequently will make you feel like a loser), consider the expansion of behaviors and understanding their strengths. The approach to extension is much easier, because it eliminates the resistance, and he welcomes your strengths, and recognizes that these qualities can be both constructive and destructive.

so, in conclusion, to answer the question : is perfectionism a dangerous and deeply painful when it's not used and managed properly? The answer to this question is unambiguous and the perfectionists are well aware of it - this is the answer: i . Perfectionism can be toxic if you don't manage to control it.

next time I will tell how .

good luck to you!


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