6 reasons for the passage of the psychologist's personal therapy


Today I want to raise such an important issue as the passage of personal therapy for psychologists and psychotherapists. Unfortunately, not all psychologists have a high degree of responsibility to pass it, and also knowing why it's not just important, but necessary.
Let's look at the reasons why counseling is important passage personal therapy :

1. Study their personal difficulties and problems. Psychologist is also a man, and a big mistake to think that he had no difficulties. Of course. Grief when he is unable to recognize, much less begin to solve them. The deplorable and sometimes dangerous for the client in working with a psychologist, that these problems can affect the client, thus harming him. The more unresolved problems to the counselor, the more he countertransference, and Oh, the horror, often unconscious. Projecting onto the client, their problems, about the benefits of counselling and therapy, of course is not out of the question.. but would not hurt.

2. Obtaining practical experience of solving their difficulties. When the psychologist in working with the therapist is experiencing a positive experience of solving their problems, he can take that experience to their customers. He understands how it works psychotherapy inside, in practice, not just in theory. And this is a great resource for working with clients.

3. The ability to see the depth of the problem and to work on a deep level. known psychotherapy is to work at a deep level, and significant increase in the level of awareness, not swimming on the surface. So personal therapy helps the psychologist to see the root causes, to understand the depth of problems "to Mature to the root". My personal experience he can successfully bring to the customer, thereby improving the quality and therefore the usefulness of its work for the client.

4. A better understanding of the client. If the psychologist was himself, in the role of client, it more subtly and sensitively interact with your customers, because it more clearly "existence" of the client, its complexity and difficulties, the resistance. It will search together with the client, not to offer ready solutions to problems. It will be understood that each client requires different amounts of time on understanding the problem, its causes and the changes that all your pace and direction of development.

5. Awareness of their impact on the client and responsibility. Personality psychologist - a kind of tool to work with clients. The level of self-awareness, understanding and acceptance of their difficulties, the human experience of the difficulties and their solutions - all this is brought in the work with clients, and this is a very valuable and fair to the client, because this experience is lived by a psychologist from the inside. Bringing this experience to the work of the psychologist is affected this way, and the client, helping him in resolving the difficulties. Influence is responsibility so important and personal therapy, giving confidence that the effect is useful for the client.

6. Understanding of their limitations in working with clients. Psychologist should be aware of their limitations in working with clients. These limitations he can live inside the experience of personal therapy. It will be understood that the customer is a shared responsibility. Customers can only that can, and themselves are responsible for the changes in my life. What can one, may not another, and those are different. The psychologist works together with the client, but not for the client. The psychologist expects that the customer will be "perfect", he is realistic about the possibilities. He sees them, but he also understands limitations.

Nefedkina Svetlana
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