Several years of relationship, someone's family and children. And suddenly he's gone, disappears from the horizon and radar. Silently. Without explanation. Why? Today I will tell you about the underlying causes. Click on ? start. .

so, the main reasons:

1. The ubiquitous relatives. Remember: “odd”? And when there are fourth, fifth, etc.? And all her advice and, of course, “well”. Oh, no wonder so many jokes about mother in law ? and stories about mother-in-law.

2. The second reason is best described by the words of Mayakovsky: “the Love boat has crashed against life”. Not all men sustain liability, particularly when there are children and they bear more worries. And there are repairs, travel, current taps.

3. Was the passion, the feelings faded. Neither man nor woman does not want their relationship to work, it becomes boring, insipid, monotonous. And he leaves for new experiences and emotions, and not always to another woman. Even outwardly it may all stay the same. But within the family everyone lives their lives.

4. Inflated requests. “Want to buy” ─ if this happens constantly and appetites are growing, the man one day realises that he can't fulfill all material desires. And leaves. Someone will say: “Weak! Not earn!”. But on the other hand when all the money goes into a bottomless abyss “list”, everyone will understand.

5. Different goals. Over time, it may happen that the interests in the couple are becoming so different that it can lead to strong disagreements. Everyone starts to pull the blanket over himself and there can be no harmony in the relationship.

6. The other woman. Here, I think, do not need to explain. This fact, I finally left for two reasons:
a) it's obvious and understandable, b) often cheating ─ the effect of the five reasons listed above. .

I Can definitely say that I have not listed all: life is very multifaceted and every family is unique.

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 Author Svetlana Kipiani

First published 11.04.2019 on my page in instagram:

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