Each dream you are given together with the forces necessary for its implementation. However, you may have to do this work. (Richard Bach)

Sometimes our dreams and remain dreams. Why wishes don't always become a reality?

There are many reasons due to which desires can not come true. I have formulated six key, in my opinion, obstacles:

1. I don't know what you want.
I Want to, do not know what this desire is, of course, cannot be fulfilled. First you need to understand with itself and to define clearly what I really want in life? br>
2. There is no clear definition.
Clearly narrow down a wish and write it on paper. The more clear and specific your descriptions, the easier it will be to realize his dream. Formulate the desire in the affirmative. In the text of the desire to not use the particle "not". br>
3. You are not willing to take what they want.
as long as your beliefs do not meet your goals and dreams - you'll always push away everything that comes to you. It all depends on the level of self-confidence. Believe in yourself and don't limit their desires! br>
4. The strength of the desire.
the Desire seems to have, but not so strong. Something like "it would be Good to learn how to dance." If you don't learn nothing, nothing to lose. This desire to gather dust in the corners of my subconscious, occasionally take out to the surface of consciousness. And the situation can change only if the strength of the desire will increase. br>
5. Dependence on the opinions of others.
do You really want to draw, sing, or photograph and professionally. And your surroundings criticizes and condemns everything that you aim. If the desire is important to you, listen to yourself - this is your life and nobody else! br>
6. Don't have the patience to wait.
Remember that the desire is not magic, and therefore it takes time for execution. Give the Universe time to make and implement Your dream. Just continue to perfect your desire: articulate, Refine and present. And most importantly, make real steps towards his dream. br>

take action and let your dreams become reality!

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