6 rules of productivity


Periodically, I write articles not only on topics that come up itself, but also answer questions that come from readers of the blog on instagram. The question that I answer in this article was: ‘How to increase productivity?”

I'm no expert in this field and learn as much as the others, but the desire to develop their own business and write articles made me highlight a few rules of productivity.

What am I doing to become more productive?

1. Record all tasks in the calendar. a Task that has not been recorded, is kept in memory, and this takes away resources from thought processes. I record everything, even if it is the smallest task that I cannot complete right now.

2. Dealt with the level of claims. Adequately assess the number of cases that you can execute within the deadline. I had a problem with that, and I planned myself more tasks than I was able to do. br>
3. Don't blame yourself. do Not always get to do everything planned. Some cases may take unexpectedly longer. And the most valuable thing I could do in this situation — to get rid of feelings of guilt for it. I just admit I misjudged the lead time and carry out this task.

4. Spend time efficiently. Any time that can be used to solve the problem — should be used. Even if it is 15 minutes that you have. Instead of 3 hours of continuous operation, which is not. Sometimes it's hard to be constantly interrupted, doing some business. But we're not goldfish, we have a memory longer than 5 seconds, so Yes, some time it will take to vrabatyvanii, but part time will be spent on the solution of the problem.

5. Break large tasks into smaller ones. it's easier and less scary for them to take, and the result tangible.
Instead of one big task “to Prepare a presentation”, I allocate tasks «Find PowerPoint”, “Pick up the pictures”, “Edit text" and so on.
One global challenge (for example, month) it is useful to divide into smaller tasks and fit them into the plan for a week, and then break into smaller tasks and have them enter into the plan for the day.

6. Started tracker habits. It looks like a plate for a month, in the lines which recorded the habits or things that need to be performed with some regularity, and in the columns — days of the week. If on a particular day a case was made, the square is colored in a different color. Tracker habits on the one hand motivates to regular tasks, because it is very much pleasantly shaded square made, and on the other hand allows you to see how time is distributed and what tasks «shrink». If during the month opposite the task has not been painted no box, it will allow you to think — and if she was do you need?

do you have your own rules of productivity? Please share them in the comments.

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