6 signs that you are trying to escape from himself. And what to do with it.


to Be honest with myself is very difficult. And why so tense, if we just want to be happy? And so it turns out that sometimes it's easier not to see the truth, not to listen to him in the clouds and build castles than to look at your life and recognize that something went wrong. In fact, not only is it not very pleasant to admit their mistakes, with the same they also have something to do: once seen, be unseen will not happen. Here our mind carefully and pulls us into the eye pink sunglasses illusion in which you can sail yourself and then, especially doing nothing. Because when it comes to "raise his soft spot, and something to do" - mentality again throws a lot of excuses, explanations, reasons and reasons not to. And yet, as time to recognize that there is something more real than we think? How to understand what we are trying to escape from himself, from his desires and needs? There is some indirect pointers to it. To notice them easier. So, you run away from myself if:

  1. do You want to go

Most of the countries (if we talk about our Moldovan realities). A huge number of people believes that in other places they would be better off there, they will be happier, more successful, more beloved. A truth is that if a person in your seat was bad and not particularly successful, and the new place of the stars in the sky, he hardly picked up. The stars Shine for those who at home is doing well and goes up. For them "good economy" really can be a springboard. And for those who at home statistics confirmed – and will continue to confirm in any other place.

  • Fictional real world sweeter
  • In any form. There are also online communication (no access to the real world), and games (endless leveling), and even books. Yes, Yes, books. Sometimes people don't want/can't live in reality and prefer (often unconsciously) to live in fantasies and illusions. And then binge-reading the book, which is not conducive to establishing deep connections with people and with himself, begins to hurt real life. Deeper sucking in the wonderful worlds and the fate of the characters.

  • You live the life of a hamster in a wheel
  • Why not squirrel? The protein is too flattering in this perspective. Hamster is hopeless and stupid vanity. With such a format the person about the following routine: got up, served himself, worked, had lunch, came poudyal, took a NAP. And so the circle. From year to year. And for what? Why? What? We are well aware that many people, unfortunately, do not know the answers to these questions. Because they have no time – they need to turn the wheel. And that is their purpose. If you're talking about my life often say "Groundhog day", "vicious circle", "work-home-work-home" and so on, then, the question arises – and, perhaps, you are afraid to stop? Because then you have to look at your life not in blurred focus of eternal life, and focused? And then there will be something there that will please the eye? Here in this perspective – "life in a circle" can be an escape from himself.

  • You're bored with yourself, not interested
  • And then you try to do everything not to remain with him alone. Not to hear your inner voice. And the worst thing is to stay in silence. Too many people, being in the kitchen, eating or preparing food, even just coming home - just include anything: on the TV (Yes, there is still not only buy, but even look), radio, music. But would not be with your thoughts alone. And then:

  • You are prone to introspection and healthy self-criticism
  • No, to chew and to criticize itself – is always welcome. It is up to you and love. But constructive criticism does not work, do not know how you do. Because it's healthy, long-term relationship with yourself. But when you would like them to build, if you are only eternal escape from itself, with the periodic respite in emotionless and samarasosexy sex with yourself? It is much easier. By the way, most people today are so not only with ourselves are treated.

  • You don't like how you look, what you people in General
  • You are a bad mother, a weak fellow, not a good friend, an ugly woman, even a little full, etc. Here, of course, you can talk about low self esteem. But is the same self-esteem – it is not the failure itself?

    the list is endless. But if you have something to respond to the above, then you know in yourself the tendency to stray from myself. Let's try to figure out what can be done to stop it.

    1. Need to go.. It is necessary to establish an internal dialogue. The only way you will be able to hear and understand their true needs and desires, and find ways to satisfy them adequately. Ie you will not be headlong burst to another country, "to quit" and "start from scratch" after breaking up with someone. This is just an escape from yourself. Instead, you will be able to sit down and talk with him. To understand what happened, for what reasons, what conclusions can you draw for yourself in the future how you will try to follow them and most importantly – where will you go next? And if Your way "then" will lie through another country – great! But it will not escape from the past and journey into the future. The difference is, you will agree.

    For this purpose, get a diary, where you will begin to write about their thoughts, feelings, about events, about people in my life. It is very difficult in the beginning to withstand the sequence in an interview with in your own head, it's not easy. So you need a mirror. And the paper is the best mirror for such purposes: you can always go back and look into it (to read).

  • Prepare will not always be easy, happy and comfortable. You are not used to take care of yourself, because you never really did. When you start asking uncomfortable questions (like: why am I 10 hours pump your elf online, but in real life I'm not even pumped his physical body?), not always be easy to find an honest answer (like: because I don't believe in themselves, and there is no motivation because there is no purpose, and sometimes just laziness). In this case, you can talk to someone: a friend or a psychologist.
  • The major goal, we want to achieve is:

    a) to understand that my life is not so

    b) to understand how I want to

    C) to understand how to achieve it

    If you really start to live at least these three items running from myself I will stop. And will begin going back toward yourself.

    I Wish you a pleasant journey!

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