you need:

- to organize an active lifestyle;
- proper environment;
- maintain a log of success;
- to find the passion;
- interesting appearance;
- to deal with the complexes and traumas

an Active lifestyle
the Best way out of depression is to exercise. Need your active life energy. Start walking in any courses, the gym, dancing, exhibitions, recitals, concerts, flash mobs. In this search you will definitely help the Internet. br>
Right environment
Your activity, and new developments will form a new environment. And friends will help and support. Find like-minded people need in real life. Therefore, more talk!

Why do people ignore their successes. You can make a dozen of successful actions and start to complain about a failure. This situation will correct Success Journal. Write down there all achievements no matter how insignificant they may seem. And look in him in moments of despondency.

You have a occupation that has attracted considerable interest. It will help you gain confidence in yourself, because if you like the case. The ideal situation is when your hobby became a profession and source of income.

For this must follow regardless of gender, age and social status. No need to spend a lot of money. It is important to be able to dress simply and tastefully. Instead of an expensive fitness center, you can run in the yard and do push-UPS on the bars. If you look good, and feel good and be confident.

to Deal with the complexes and traumas
Use the help of a psychologist to free themselves from complexes, psychological limitations and injuries. Your situation is not unique. This is surprising, why people live so long in the limitation itself.

If you questioned their self-esteem, it is already half the solution. It is the correct self-assessment is an essential part to achieve happiness in life.

what you feel the limitations of their self-esteem?

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