How are you doing in a relationship?
All right? Are you happy? The way you interact with your partner, you satisfied? This interaction easy or difficult, even painful?
Too many questions about what you so much want to men and women from most of the frustrations people experience. From insolvency appears more questions:
"How to be in a relationship? How to build a partner relationship so that they were not only durable and reliable, but also bring joy, passion fueled, excited?"
each pair, which are like high art to create such relationships that satisfy their own handwriting. The man and woman agreed to honestly live them, holding hands tightly on the steep turns of life supporting, thus, each other. That is why this pair by and large, things will always be tricky enough in your relationship to feel happy. Being able to experience the same feeling that sing in the songs, make films and paint pictures. The feeling comes only in a special microclimate. A feeling, for which you can give to the Kingdom and start a war. The fact that every living thing wants to experience.
There's a man and a woman and that between them there is a field of relations. Here they stand opposite each other and each is important to make your steps to meet. This field can be very large, where a lot of freedom. Have a long meeting to go to in close proximity. Where possible the wind is cold and alienating will be knocked down. Will have to rise to suck it up and be on the road again, answering yourself the question: "Why do I need this?". Continuing to piously believe that when it comes, it's there waiting for me the prize of the illusory relations of my imagination.
in the same field may be too small to one that closely, but what about the two. Where everything is so studied and understood, and each continues to stubbornly follow only instructions of the Navigator, which becomes ad nauseam is boring. Only the field is surrounded by a huge fence with barbed wire, where men and women are voluntarily imprisoned. Being with each other as if in despair. This life is like a phrase from a famous tale: "What will that do not will, anyway!"
maybe this field is at the time, and in order to accelerate and to brake in time. Will be neither close nor distant. Just the way in which a man and a woman complement each other and self growing up begin to plant a garden of strange and beautiful roses. Maintaining the environment in a relationship with: respect, generosity, kindness, patience. Practicing in them gratitude, courtesy and modesty. Never forgetting the dedication, steadiness and sincerity. Dirt resistance, forgiveness, and courage in the field of simplicity.
there is growing confidence of everyone. In such relationships there is an understanding of why two foreign people who do not owe anything to each other, decided to live life together. Understanding this begins with the question: "Why should we be together? What are our objectives? What experience we can gain and something to teach each other?". Asking as many questions as possible and honestly, without guile, answering them, first of all, to check values. It's a treasure map. Only then can you go in a way to meet each other. And maybe in other this is the way?
(to be Continued)

Kolesnikova Larissa
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