6 success factors


every day I see people who hate their jobs.

it's a matter of self-realization? Motivation?

I Also see guys of 15 years who do not know how to apply themselves in life.

I believe My mission is to help these people find yourself, fulfill your potential.

first the most important factor of self-realization is knowledge of themselves, their qualities, their "+" and "-". Understanding of their characteristics enables us to vary in difficult situations.

Second factor is the realization of their values. This is an opportunity to clearly outline their goals. As the song says: ....I see the goal, I know the reference.... But if I see a goal, then I can focus on it.

Third factor is the realization of their lifestyle and the lifestyle of the person you want to become. The choice of a profession – consideration ideal for an individual lifestyle and establishing a clear trajectory of achievement.

Fourth factor is the resource status. Psychologically and physically, a place where there is the opportunity to take or to recharge their energy, knowledge.

Fifth factor is the scheduling or routing of activities. The route is attached to two or three options, in order to have a choice or the opportunity of escape routes.

Sixth factor is the development of "soft skills". Flexible skills give the opportunity to work in various areas and are professional.

We develop skills such as:
• Communication
• Setting personal goals
• Work in a team.

These skills are leading for the person who wants to build a business.
the Process of constructing such work always gives excellent results. By results of work solved many problems of the client:
1. Knowledge of yourself and your qualities.
2. A clear statement of purpose
3. Self-management (self management)
4. Decision-making
5. Motivation to action
6. The development of flexible skills.

the training Course holds Poroshina Daria: Clinical psychologist, specialist for guidance.


Poroshina Daria
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