6 the paths leading to the role of mistress

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There are women who play the role of a mistress for many years or decades of his life, as if something prevents them from becoming a wife. They often say that they have "crown of celibacy" or such women karma in their family, etc. What's really going on?

Typically, these women do not know how to build a healthy long-term relationship as a couple with a man and then they get "hooked" on such a simple bait men, which are inherently a basic human need.

Why men, having a mistress, come out usually with a "set of gentlemen" - that is, food and beverages (usually alcoholic)? This set of often unconsciously intended for him to be accurately fed. The only woman he presents it very nicely and she "pecks" that is for her beloved. Or the male lover takes a woman to a restaurant. And here triggered the pfirst bait he fed. to Be fed by man historically regarded as an act of unity, fullness, fullness.

Second bait - touching. a Woman who lived for a long time alone, is not enough touches. It is, as a rule, little tactilely communicates with friends, family, nature... Chooses massage therapists, barbers, doctors, men, contact with which does not go into intimate, he always has to stop himself. The first thing to be sad when a woman comes to a psychologist's office – she misses his hands, his body, his touch. The main problem here is that women-mistresses do not distinguish, or not distinguish sexual and non-sexual touch. Any touch to them is a gift, it's almost love.

Third bait - praise. Man she says she cooks so well (see trick 1), so sexy (see trick 2), so understanding, so well appointed, it is the best thing in her life. With his wife and with other women all differently, but with it he is so good, etc.

Fourth bait - time. "For you, he says to the mistress.- Today I am not going home!" or "I told my wife that went on a business trip! I'm yours for a week!". And the most tasty bait, if they together go to rest at sea! And from time to time he makes such a gift – give it a night or a week of love, then to again disappear for a week, month, year.

Fifth bait gifts. Even a small bouquet of wild flowers can touch the longing for love a woman. And here is not important the value of the gift, the gift may be food, touch, praise and time. So often the experienced male lover and is not necessary to spend enough time to say the word that he expects from the woman. And the gift is ready – for free, without tedious searches for shops and houses to his wife for spending it is not necessary to report all wages and house, and no suspicion from his wife. Well, if you have spent – bought a car, expensive fur coat, flowers every day, contains a fully woman – then absolute happiness... but as a mistress!

Chapter six bait - aid. This is also a topic that women mourn in the counselor's office. "As I without it now? He helped me in everything. I did not know any problems!" They somehow think that they are losing arms, legs, head, become fully disabled.

what has happened is simple and straightforward thing – they "got the hook" and use for their own purposes. The hardest thing is that nobody knows what "fish" caught – neither man nor woman. This suffering with time and this certainty does not occur, only becoming more uncertain.

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