6 ways to get RID of hard feelings.

1 way: the Offense need to cry. While the offense is not conserved in the body - cry! Do not hold back the tears, your health is more valuable than pride. (You can of course choose pride and bring yourself to a stroke ).

method 2: "Cushion for a beating". It is a pillow where you can't sleep. She intended to hit her. Beat so, how would you like to beat your abuser. While expressing everything that had accumulated in his address, having splashed out all the negativity that's stuck in you and eats away inside. Remember - it is impossible to forgive, keeping the negativity experienced by you! br>

3 method: Reflecting on water. Stand under the shower and tell your story, presenting how water washes away all the hurt and all negative. Imagine the offense as the black substance that covered you and see how it rubs off and you get out of the shower a whole new person. If you take a shower no time, and resentment eats at you, you can open the tap and it's done.

4 way: Cry. If resentment has turned into anger, go to a deserted place (ideally on the river) and shout that anger. Swear all the rude words that come to mind. Nothing is controlling and not holding back. If the possibility to be in a deserted place, you can shout his offense in the drum washing machine)) In fact, very productive! Checked. Drum muffles sounds and your screams will not hear the neighbors.

5 method: my Favorite writing technique. Take a sheet of paper. Sit and write only by hand! No computers and tablets. Handwritten text is that will help your brain to process the negative experience. To write better in the evening. It is important to start with the day, month and year. To specify the time. To give a name to his condition. And to register all that's troubling your soul. Everything is haunted. So much better to write until you feel that all is enough. At the end of the better to thank the situation for all the good she brought into your life (after all good there, right?). Put a piece under your pillow and go to sleep.

in the morning (it is, as you know, wiser than evening) I reread everything I wrote. Can be a very unpleasant feeling, be patient, this is normal. br>
Then burn the paper, watching as it consumed, as rolled paper, like melting lines on fire. So burn your pain and hurt. br>

6 method: It is the most effective, environmentally friendly and works 100%. It is a conscious perception.

Feel where in the body is your resentment. How the body reacts when you think about it. What it looks like.

if she




What is it consistency? Temperature? Cold or hot?

Mentally say: "I see you, I know about you." Imagine her leaving your body in some way convenient for you. And ask her "Why did you come to teach me?".

the Response can be incredible and stunning!

Thank her and say goodbye (release) it.

don't keep grudges, they don't give you develop.

what are the ways to get rid of grudges you know?

Harmony to all.

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Elena Bliznyuk
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