1. Where is "I"?

Parents usually believe that better the child know that he was better. This is usually true but not always.

For example, the choice of a profession. Parents shoving their child to where they think it is better just to shove. Either to replace themselves in the workplace or in the sphere in which the parents themselves once wanted to implement and couldn't, or where more of pay.

In the end, the child became for adults, living someone else's life, which eventually becomes just a hanger. He went not where I wanted works, not where he wants. But all of that can change.

you just Have to ask yourself "what I really want? Not mom and dad, or someone else, namely me and only me!". This question itself can only set Mature people. And then after this issue appear the chances for a happy change in life.

2. To create a dossier on yourself.

Sitting at work, sitting in social networks, we completely cease to understand themselves. In modern life it's easy to lose the main thing: understanding what it all meant.

In this case, and help dossier collected alone. You need to remember that you always loved and knew how to do. From childhood to the present day.

If in this process you need help, it is best to go to a psychologist.

3. Write.

When you just speak in the hearing or even in the head, the result will be. When this is where you write down, the result can be quite different.
- shall Describe their desires and dreams. As specific as possible.
- to Write in the style of "I want...", "I don't want to...". It is best to meet in 14 sentences.
- Try to merge now, this is all three basic desires.

4. Look to the future.

Many young people live for today, not thinking about what awaits them in the future and how they in the future want to live. And this is a fundamental point, which specifies all of your current lifestyle. Draw yourself in a few decades.

And it should be beautiful and attractive image. If not, then it is obvious that your chosen path is insane.

5. Experiment.

to Find out what you want out of life and experienced by. To try to embroider a cross, to build a bike from different parts, to start doing videobloggers on YouTube. And even if the experiment fails, it will still be experience. Knowing where to go is not exactly necessary, is also valuable in itself!

6. Advice from the mentor.

to Find a mentor is a very good choice in this situation. This can be, for example, a familiar one that makes you admirable. He probably will be able to form you have in mind a clear idea what to do.

all of this will take time. Once everything doesn't work out.

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