psychokinesiology (and systemic therapy) is the concept of "replacement child" is a child who was born with a purpose to close/forget the trauma from a deceased older child. From the point of view of system approach "replacement child" is the fate of “burdened” the eldest brother or sister, and the pain of the parents. 

Salvador Dali was the child. Since childhood, he well knew that another Salvador Dali, “real”, was his elder brother, “dead baby”, on whose grave his mother went to cry twice in a week. But intuitively "replacement child" who decided not to give up, sixty-four times rewrote the famous painting by millet called "Evening bells" or "the Angelus" (the farmer and his wife with their heads down, joining his hands, praying in a wheat field over a basket of potatoes), redoing it in their own way. 
When the painting Millais enlightened x-rayed, found under the basket of potatoes in the coffin of a small child. After hearing this story, Given said: “I always sensed death in this picture”. 

mill "Evening bells"

the thought of who he was, and unconsciously partially understand the survival mechanism as a "replacement child": 
“I have lived a death before life… My brother died three months before my birth. My mother was shocked by this to the core… And in the womb I already felt the anguish of my parents. My fruit washed a hell of a placenta. I am deeply worried that the imposed presence, as if I was deprived of love... This dead brother, whose Ghost met me, bore the name of Salvador — my father and I, this was no accident... I learned to live, filling the void of love that I in fact was not intended”. 

From the point of view of art therapy Dali, redrawn64times the picture of the funeral of the infant processed the trauma of losing his parents of his eldest son. Thus removing the role of "replacement child". 
In the history of many cases “substitute children”, and unfortunately, not all of them will end positively. Often called "replacement child" doesn't even know he had an older brother or sister. And life he can not find a place, for example, constantly changes jobs, location, partners... Or is in a permanent depression, or any initiatives always fail. As if my life "replacement child" says: “You could not live, and I will not!» 

Write in the comments if there's interest in this topic? And I'll give you examples from the lives of famous people who were foster children.

Dali «Archaeological echo "Angelus“ millet”

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