7 quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert that help to take life easier

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  1. Nature hides in each of us, unusual jewelry, and then backing away and watching, will we be able to find them.

Nice to know that inside of you jewelry. Feel unique, increases self-esteem and the motivation to develop. If own life is not fun, or failures lead to despair - it's nice to remember about your inner treasures. Maybe it is time to start looking or to revise internal values. What you do well, that has been touted by friends and acquaintances, I appreciate colleagues at work? This can be the thread that will lead to great discoveries.

  • You can easily get to know people who live for others, hunted the other.

Sometimes, to feel important, and to justify its existence, we strive to be very good, trouble free, giving advice, offering help and are ignoring their own betrayal of themselves. Doing someone's life more than their own, we relieve ourselves from the obligation to do his: “I have nothing else life, but Nadia”; or fed and euthanized guilt, often imposed by parental manipulation of a child: “you're out late and you don't care that mom has a heart condition”; the assumption or sense of superiority in order to deal with his insignificance: “so you weren't for me, it will not cope”; or want to control others not to deal with the unexpected.

it is Worth remembering that each of us hidden charm jewelry. When I think about it, once it becomes not so important, that there are others - my jewellery to do more interesting.

  • I do what I do because I like to do it.

Not because they have to, as we used to, not to the mother approvingly patted on the head, not because it would be better for others, but simply because like. How often we hear: “I have to, because it brings me stability”, “it's my duty...” and faded appearance. But what about an unusual jewelry?

  • you Can consider yourself a brilliant talent or a total failure, just keep doing something that you have a tendency, and all.

Oh, those of anguish and self-criticism! If you don't do something perfectly, right from infancy, well, since kindergarten, so have no right to exist. And if you don't praise, anxiety can begin to crumble right before our eyes. And life seems useless and worthless.

the Skill comes with experience. But there is a terrible secret - sometimes it doesn't come at all. There are so many ordinary people. And each of them has the right to be loved and accepted. No one can guarantee that we will achieve any perfection. But if you do not forget about the unusual jewelry that you simply get pleasure from what you do.

  • to be able to take a punch and deal with disappointment and frustration is also part of the creative profession.

I was wrong when I thought that all difficulties will end, when I discover its purpose. Was wrong when thought that this life is a road filled with happiness, luck and inspiration, you just have to find her. The difficulties are inevitable. And one of the key values is the ability to cope with their own feelings and keep moving forward.

  • in order to stay in the game, you must put aside fantasies about perfection.

fantasies of perfection are attractive, so hard to part with them. “I will achieve success in the profession, become an ideal mother will eradicate all the flaws, will become a Goddess...and then you'll be happy with yourself and your life.”

“How to get rid of (fear of rejection, addiction, thoughts of past relationships, anger, guilt, anxiety for the future, depression, unsatisfactory relationships, jealousy)”? Such issues often turn to a psychologist. Often, behind this fear if you do not have to be perfect life will not work. But usually, it turns out in this life something is not perfect, and ordinary. Those who remember about jewelry and wish to find them stronger than other things.

  • Conditional success depends on three factors – talent, luck and discipline – two out of three of these conditions it is impossible to control.

Everything has already happened. At birth we have got abilities, and inclinations. It is impossible to negotiate something different, or to exchange. This is good news. It gives the opportunity to relax. Luck is too powerful to try to dominate it. It would be very presumptuous to think you can control it. But discipline and perseverance in achieving their goals is what we need. The strength to stop trying to control something that cannot and will not spend their resources, day by day improving and developing their abilities. Putting themselves in the center of his life. Feeling a connection with your uniqueness and inner treasures.

These quotes have responded to me when I read the Elizabeth Gilbert book, “Big magic” about the path of the writer.

With every memorable quote I felt as the burden of responsibility that I can't control and which cannot influence - responsibility for success, perfection, well-being, avoid frustration and mistakes, it becomes easier and my life easier.

Julia Oleh
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